What I’ve Been Binging During Quarantine

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone has had to do some adjusting to their lifestyles. Often this is difficult, but with being home more it allows for a bit more time to binge some great stuff on TV! Here I’ll be sharing a few of the shows I’ve been watching as of late and hopefully giving you some great new recommendations to check out in your spare time.  

1. Tiger king

If you haven’t heard the hype for this show yet I blame Carole Baskin (you’ll get that once you’ve watched the show). Tiger King takes a look into the world of big-cat ownership in America. It focuses mainly on a few people who have a huge following in this big-cat world and the lives they live over the course of a few years. I never thought I could be so interested in the big-cat underworld, but this show proved me wrong. If you’re interested in watching it yourself you can find it on Netflix. 

2. Modern love

This Amazon original series focuses on the different ways love shows up in people’s lives in a beautiful way. It follows eight different stories and showcases so many different modern-day situations people often don’t think of when they imagine a love story. It’s definitely one of my favorites on this list.

3. House

This is an old show that’s run its course, but it's definitely a good one to revisit. There are eight seasons, all of which are available on Amazon Prime. The show follows a very skilled doctor named Gregory House who manages to solve medical anomalies nobody else can seem to crack. I haven’t finished this series yet but I’m steadily working my way through it.

4. Hannibal

Hannibal is also a bit older and available to stream on Amazon Prime. This show follows Hannibal Lecter and his cannibalistic endeavors while he entraps a man named Will into his life. It mixes his story with mystery and leaves you somehow liking Hannibal though it all. If you can handle a bit of gore I definitely recommend you check this one out.  

5. Zoey’s extraordinary playlist 

Zoey’s extraordinary playlist is a Hulu original series. This show is very upbeat, lighthearted, and full of music! It follows a woman named Zoey and what her life is like after she discovers she can hear people’s inner thoughts through songs they sing to her. Once she hears the song she’s committed to helping that person with the problem they’re going through, only after that will they stop singing.

6. Love is Blind

Here’s another Netflix show that people just couldn’t seem to get enough of. It's an experiment where a bunch of single people get to know each other, date, and eventually propose, all without ever seeing what the other looks like. After they’re engaged they’re allowed to meet in person, and from there they have to decide if they actually want to get married and if love really is blind.

7. Self Made 

Finally, there’s Self Made, this Netflix original is inspired by the life of Madame C.J. Walker, the first self-made female African American millionaire. It follows her story and how she fought to become a businesswoman in a man’s world when she had practically nothing. Her story is full of trials and tribulations, but in the end, it’s very inspiring for everyone with an entrepreneurial dream. 

Now that you’ve got some recommendations grab some popcorn and settle in to get your binge on! Maybe even try out the Netflix party extension with some of your fellow collegiettes!