Verena Faltas - Changing the World One Trip at a Time

Like many, Verena Faltas had the dream of becoming a doctor. However, her journey turned a different direction after her mission trip to Zambia.

Passionate about helping people in underdeveloped countries, Verena thought being a doctor was the best way to do so. She later realized a lot of the issues in underdeveloped countries she wanted to assist in solving can’t be done by doctors alone. From there, she rerouted and switched her major from Pre-Med to Global Affairs at George Mason University with the hopes to alleviate healthcare issues in underdeveloped countries. 

Photo Courtesy of Verena Faltas- Verena on her mission trip in Egypt.

Verena, born and raised in Egypt before her family immigrated to the United States, had the chance to revisit her home country for a health education mission trip with the non-profit organization CMANA (Coptic Medical Association of North America) in 2016. Their group worked with the impoverished communities there and had the opportunity to educate locals about nutrition, hygiene, mental health and a variety of other public health topics. Her one month in Egypt was a life-changing experience for her. 

“I realized how huge the socio-economic gap is and how much people needed someone to support them, but more importantly, someone to love them,” Verena said, “I am who I am today because of that mission trip and everything it has taught me.”

She then went on another mission trip to Zambia in 2017 with her church, which confirmed her passion for the cause. 

Photo Courtesy of Verena Faltas- Verena with her colleagues at a seminar.

Now, as the mission trip coordinator at CMANA, Verena is responsible for communicating with host countries to work out details for mission trips. Based on their needs, she would open registration for the mission trips and gather a group of doctors and students to participate accordingly. In addition, she does the planning and coordinating for the trips up until they arrive at the mission country as well as post-trip work, such as filling out tax-exempt forms and handling feedback. Having worked with them for a year and a half, she is loving the non-profit and the work she does. 

For more information, visit CMANA’s website