The Ultimate TV Guide for Fall 2016

Summer days are officially over and the season to snuggle up on our couches has returned. As if we don’t have enough drama in our daily lives, the fall tv lineup is bringing us even more.


The Voice 

Monday’s are tough enough, unwind by watching honest talent and competition.


Even if you haven’t started from the beginning, any Batman - or DC Comic fan in general can appreciate the plot and character cameos.


New Girl*

Another show that is more enjoyable if you’ve been watching since season one, but can also be picked up at anytime.

Scream Queens 

A slightly less creepy, less dark alternative to American Horror Story. The sass and fashion of the cast never disappoints.



Known for getting its viewers riled up, laughing, and crying all on a weekly basis Empire has been a hit since day one

American Horror Story

Each season brings us new characters, settings, and plots; attracting different audiences year after year.



How To Get Away With Murder*

The title speaks for itself. Season 3 is offering even more twists and turns.


The only show in its first season to make the list, this show and the ground it may cover could be promising.



The Walking Dead 

While most of the shows on this list are just a few seasons in, TWD is a veteran to our tv screens and already has a huge following. The seventh season is still a few weeks away, but so close it’s fans can smell the blood.


Netflix Honorable Mentions

Luke Cage*

The newest installment to the Netflix Marvel family.

Stranger Things  

While it has been released for a while now, some are still sleeping on this quirky sci-fi thriller.

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