Transitioning Out of My Depression

Last semester I was in a very bad space. I was depressed, stressed out, and I had anxiety every morning I woke up. I honestly laid in bed staring at the wall crying because I had no energy or motivation to get through the day. I let my grade drops. I stopped coming to work. It was all-around a dark space for me.

Six months later, as I reflect on my life and journey I have experienced, I realized that I have finally achieved the transitioning out stage of my depression and finally seeing the sun.

To begin with, Her Campus George Mason is my safe space. I know that some of my readers have noticed that this a topic I talk heavily about in my articles because it’s MY story and MY reality. This stage of my life has taught me a lot about myself in many different aspects. It has changed my relationship with my friends and family. I have learned to really be selfish for MYSELF. And I have learned to love me for me even when I hated myself. I am unapologetic about every point in this journey which is why it is my prized achievement.

There was a time during all of this where I battled addiction. I tried to find a way to cope with all of this in every which way possible even if it risked me being sedated in my bed for days at a time. I had to find a way to cope, but it wasn’t the best way.

However, the light at the end of my tunnel was my friends. They made sure I was up and out of bed every day. They made sure I ate even if I refused. But they also made sure that I wasn’t alone most importantly of them all. Without them, I don’t know where I’d be today in my journey. 

I want to thank my therapist, “Tom” who helped me make this transition and guided me along the way. I was a lost soul when he found me, but he is definitely the number one person to attribute to where I am. I literally almost cried when he told me that I was entering this stage in the journey.

But most importantly, I want to thank God and myself for helping me see this through. I stayed strong and kept the faith even when I just wanted to end it all. I give the most praise to you.