Top 5 Best Hangover Cures, Proven by Science.

We’ve all been there. You open your eyes that are still encrusted with last night's mascara and the sunlight from outside feels like a sledgehammer to your brain. You feel sluggish, nauseous and you may swear off alcohol forever (which is a lie). Hangover cures vary depending on who you ask, but some are actually backed by science. So next time you wake up hungover on a Sunday, look for these foods.

1. Chicken Noodle Soup

This is a go to cure if you have a sore throat, but surprisingly this may also cure your hangover woes too. The mix of sodium will help to not only retain water, but it will also help replace the salts lost from drinking. The chicken is also an added bonus as it helps boost your liver detoxification. Also liquids of any kind (that aren't alcoholic) are always a boost when you’re hungover.

2. Pickle juice

If you don’t normally eat pickles you may pass on this but it’s a cult classic among binge drinkers and marathon runners alike. The mix of sodium and electrolyte boosting salts makes it a go to for relieving your hangover.

3. Pedialyte

The main reason you feel awful after a night of drinking is because of dehydration, so a drink that is made specifically for dehydration is a no brainer. It also has less sugar than sports drinks, so it’ll be easier on your stomach after drinking too much sugary jungle juice.Even though this is made for children experiencing dehydration, its main market is hungover college kids.

4. Water

This shouldn't have even have to be said but too many people neglect the most vital thing your body needs. Please drink water. Please.

5. Toast

Many people suggest greasy fast food as a hangover cure, but your stomach may be sensitive and not feel the same way. That being said, after a night of heavy drinking your body needs some food. Toast is the way to go because it’s light, bland and the dining halls will always have it.

Your body will thank you, collegiettes. Show it some TLC.