These Beauty Investments Help Me Feel Like a Real Adult

I am the biggest advocate for treating yo’ self. But, I tend to find every excuse possible to treat myself, which is definitely not sustainable for my wallet. This past year, I’ve been making more of an effort on focusing my money on items and services that truly make a difference in my life! And not only that, but they help me feel like I’m getting my life together and becoming a ~real~ adult.

1. Straightening Brush

I actually first tried this brush at an in-person testing group I was a part of and immediately fell in love with the wonders it worked on my hair. After a lot of research and (many) months later, I discovered the brush I had tested was none other than the Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush ($145). And while it is a pricey investment, it transforms my frizzy curls into a salon-worthy blowout in less than 25 minutes. I normally run through my hair with a straightener if I want a sleeker look, but the mere fact that I don’t have to rely on anyone to blowout my hair anymore is ~iconic~ and makes the price point 100% worth it.

Image Courtesy of the Author

2. Lash Extensions

I am not a morning person. At all. So when it comes to getting ready for work or class in the morning, I appreciate not having to put any extra effort into my appearance. I can just wake up, brush my lash extensions, and go. I also love that I can stay up late studying and still look fab af because of my lashes. 

See below: I took this photo at midnight (yes, MIDNIGHT!) after a looong day of work and classes while I was cramming for a quiz. And yet, I still look alert and alive! Lash extensions are truly a miracle for sleep-deprived college students. Laziness or ingenuity? You decide.

Image Courtesy of the Author

3. Cleansing Facial Brush

The best part of my nighttime routine is getting to wash my face, especially now that I own a sonic cleaning facial brush. 

I’m obsessed with this one from FOREO ($139), especially since it only takes one minute to clean deep into your pores and leave you ~glowing~. 

Image Courtesy of the Author

4. A Signature Scent

One of the staples of being an adult includes having your own signature perfume, and by that, I mean one that wasn’t purchased at Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret.

Spritzing perfume in the morning makes me feel more put together, even if I’m rushing to get out the door. My all-time favorite fragrance is Burberry Brit ($106), which is coincidentally also an amazing fall scent.

Image Courtesy of the Author

5. A Hydrating Lip Balm

Gone are the days of applying and reapplying cheap lip balm, hoping we’ll somehow soothe that all too familiar burning sensation on our lips. It’s time to upgrade to a product that actually hydrates and nourishes your lips. 

My favorites are the LANEIGE lip balms ($15 each), especially because they come in the most amazing scents. They are pricey, but so worth the kissable feeling they leave on your lips.

Image Courtesy of the Author

Go ahead collegiettes! Splurge on yourself ;)