From Teens To Twenties: Things You Need to Know

As college progresses, more and more responsibilities come up and we just can't seem to  handle the pressures of adulting. Classes become harder and have greater importance, internships come up in almost every conversation and you have to try and figure out what you're doing with your life. Growing up can be stressful, but you can at least try and enjoy the change as much as possible! Here are a few things you need to know and practice in order to make the transition from teens to twenties as painless as possible.

1. Learn to cook

Everyone needs to know how to cook a few staple meals and recipes, and no, Easy Mac and Lean Cuisines don't count. If your someone that has never cooked and you don’t know where to start, Pinterest is your best friend! I know that I have typed “easy dinner recipes” into that search bar at least 1,000 times. It’s the perfect starting place for a kitchen novice to learn and avoid setting off the dorm fire alarm.

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2. Step up your wardrobe

If you are getting far enough into your college career that you're applying for internships and jobs, then you definitely need to step up your wardrobe. The best place to start is a thrift store and see what pieces you can find on a budget. Again, Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to outfit ideas! Sometimes you just need a little inspiration or a new way of viewing the clothes you already have.

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3. Put education first

The ability to pursue an education is something we can all take for granted sometimes. Make sure to just really focus on your work and be the best student you can be! Get a planner that suits you, maybe even some stickers to go with it and then go into boss lady mode and get that work done!

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4. Decor decor decor

Something people may not realize is that the way your living space is set up affects your mood so much! Invest in some lamps for that perfect lighting and make your room a calm and relaxing space for you to escape to. This is also a perfect time to start stepping up your decorating game to go with you transition into adulthood, but don't forget to add in your own flare.

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5. Cut out toxic relationships

Since you are a boss lady with work to do, you don't have time for toxic people or relationships. If they aren’t making time for you, then they obviously don't deserve your mental space. Also, if an individual is hurting your mental health, then you definitely need to take a step back from that person and reevaluate that relationship. Remember that you are a goddess and deserve only the best!

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6. Try New Things

“We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney

When reaching your twenties, this is also the perfect time to try new things and see what you're really made of! If you keep pushing what you think are your limits, then you will see that you can do anything- including crush your twenties and be a successful woman!

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Good Luck with classes, collegiettes, and don't forget to keep moving forward!