Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Showed Me a New Perspective on Love

In her musically acclaimed new album ‘Lover.’ Taylor Swift invites us to recognize that love is not previously tragic and burning red, like she once taught that it was. Love feels warm and safe, like daylight. 

The idea of love as burning red was one that I held onto and related to for most of my teenage years. It is the kind of love that brought so much pain and uncertainty but never safety and steadiness. About 7 years later, Taylor Swift released her ‘Lover’ and I am filled with a feeling of hope after listening to her music. 

There is also a wide spectrum of love to celebrate, like the love of a friend, the love of a mother and even self-love! I genuinely feel as if I’ve grown up with Taylor Swift and like there’s been a Taylor Swift album for the different eras of my life. When ‘Red’ came out in 2012, I was at a younger stage in life when love felt short-lived, painful and treacherous. 

Even more, I am genuinely happy that she has found this kind of love in her life. I love how she celebrates the different kinds of love in her new music. For example, in ‘ME!’ She sings about how unique she is and how there is no one like her. In ‘It’s Nice to Have a Friend,’ she sings about the love that friends have for each other. Via U.S. Magazine

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Taylor Swift used a lot of soft pinks, blues and warm tones to design her album cover and that is precisely how this album makes me feel. The imagery that she uses in the songs also echoes these colors. For example, in ‘It’s Nice to Have a Friend,’ the lyrics go, “Light pink sky up on the roof” and her ‘ME!’ Music video has pink tones falling around her. It’s a soft hue that translates into the warm feeling that love makes us feel. 

A favorite of mine from the album is titled ‘I Forgot that you Existed’ and it is unlike any of her songs I’ve heard before because it is about indifference rather than revenge or heartbreak. Taylor does something unique in this album that is unlike any of her albums she’s made before. 

Via Billboard

“Lover” is an exceptional album that echoes hope and a more fulfilling love that is more secure. Taylor Swift succeeds at astounding us once again.