Staying Fit For the Holidays

The most amazing time of the year is among us. It is Holiday Central, otherwise known as weight gain central. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s around the corner, we are bound to gain a little bit of weight. Not to mention it’s midterm and finals season and if you’re anything like me, we stress eat. Then you also have to include some of us are freshmen and trying not to get the freshman 15. The struggle is real. Read further to find out how you can avoid weight gain and stay fit throughout the holidays.

1. Gum, not food

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As far as finals go, gum is the best way to replace food. The next time you go to buy that bag of chips or candy (or in my case Fig Newtons), buy gum instead. You still get that constant chewing affect like you are eating, just without gaining weight. Not to mention, chewing gum is the best way to study or take a test. So buy and chew away.

2. Why not gym now?

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Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wait until New Year’s Day to finally make that drunken resolution to go to the gym. If you start going to the gym now, you will not be forced to make and break that drunken resolution that you will not stick to. Trust me, you will not stick to it. Going to the gym now provides many things such as a stress reliever for exams, making your body feel good and you will be in perfect shape for the holiday pictures.

3. Cut that toxic food out your life.

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For the following months, it’s a great idea to try and cut out junk foods. I know what you are thinking, “but….but…. I can’t.” YOU CAN! Trust me, you will be getting and or receiving so many sweets this time of year. Pies, candy, cake, and did I mention pies? Oh God, the pies. A better way to think of it is to think that you are cutting toxic people out of your life. You do not need them; you are better off without that toxic food.

4. Diet… then cheat.

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Start your diet now. This may be the most motivational diet you have heard of. So, you go on a diet and the only days you have to cheat are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Heck, go ahead and add Black Friday to the list. Dieting will also have your body feeling good for exams, so try a diet.

5. Don’t Forget!!!

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When you are with family, you probably will get caught up in all the fun you are having. But please do not forget to workout. You can try going on a walk in the morning or late at night. You can even just do small exercises before bed. Whatever it is, do not forget to continue to do it and keep up the progress.

Hope these tips help you have a fun, healthy Holiday Season!