Spoilers: Why You Shouldn’t Give Them

Spoiling. The act of telling someone anything about a movie, book, tv show or event they haven’t watched, read or attended. This has been a problem since the arts have graced the Earth. For some reason, there are people who enjoy spoiling things for others.

Before technology, spoilers weren't as common as they are now. Social media has become an integral part of a lot of people’s lives. There are people on the internet who will spoil things for others intentionally. Some of these people can be classified as trolls, others are just normal people who like being malicious or bragging about what they know.

Since social media has been expanding with more and more forums for people to socialize spoiling has gotten out of hands. So much so that company’s like Marvel send out a letter via their social media pages whenever they have a big movie coming out asking people not to spoil it for others.

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This has got to stop for several reasons: 1. it’s rude to spoil things for others, 2. it’s kind of self-centered not to take in consideration how others feel, 3. relationships can be ended due to spoilers.

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If someone doesn’t ask for the information, assume they don’t want it. Don’t ruin their fun by spoiling it for them.

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