The Season To Give

The season of giving and receiving is upon us. When we think about the season of giving, we tend to think about getting gifts for our friends or family. We never think of giving to organizations, hospitals, or even programs that try to save lives in other countries. This Christmas season instead of giving to your family or friends, choose to give to someone in need:

1. Donate to charity

The best way to give is to donate money or toys to a charity. A lot of proceeds go to a great cause. Especially around Christmas time, these charities help families who don’t have much or helps provide toys for children. Make sure you know what the charity is and if it’s reliable because some are not and no one wants to get ripped off.

2. Get involved

This past Thanksgiving season, I had the opportunity to participate in Project Giveback. We packed up numerous of boxes with food for families in need and there were dozens of different organizations there to help. Look around for nearby events like Project Giveback to participate in.

3. Give out food

There are a lot of events hosted for homeless people, particularly in this time of the year. A lot of the events out food and provide a nice Christmas event for them as well. Like my church, we give out needed items such toiletries or clothing for the cold. There are so many churches, as well as other organizations, that organize events such as these. Ask you local church if you can as well!

4. Visit a senior center

I remember when I was younger, we would learn Christmas songs and visit a nearby senior center to sing to them. It brought them so much joy. Seniors are often forgotten about and bringing them joy during the Holiday’s is amazing for them. Find a nearby senior center and pay them a visit if they accept outside visitors!

5. Organize your own event

Find a charity or organization that you support and start your own little project to raise money or awareness for it. It’s a fun event you can do with your family, friends and other supporters. While having fun, you will also be helping out others in need.

Here is a list of Volunteer Organizations you can participate nearby:

  • The Holiday Project

  • Capital Area Food Bank

  • Toys for Tots

  • Adopt a Family Program (my favorite).

  • Volunteer Fairfax has lit of even more programs to volunteer in.

Get out and give back this season!