Review on Getting There, A Workbook For Growing Up

This masterpiece of self-discovery was created by Mari Andrew, based on her previous book, Am I There Yet?, which contained illustrations of challenges she faced in her early twenties. Andrew creates this workbook because she believes that recording the inner workings of the mind is the best way to learn about who we are and what we want. In her introduction, she mentions that she hopes that we can use this book to capture our internal maps and create our unique art while doing this.

Courtesy of the author

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The way the workbook is set up makes it easy for the readers. Andrew gives us a set of guidelines on how to use it along with the description of how often to use the workbook, the materials we would need and so on. She encourages readers to do whatever is most comfortable for them rather than stressing perfection. She hopes that readers will lean on this book during difficult periods of their lives and look back on the material they have created in the future. The pages contain certain prompts like creating a pie chart titled “Pride in Myself” or creating drawings of our ideal partners or what we’d like our life to look like in an alternative universe. She also includes quotes and free space for readers to write down their thoughts. Although the book urges readers to sometimes use drawing skills, readers can also record prompts through words. She includes mini diagrams at the bottom of every page to help inspire readers.

Courtesy of the author

Since I have been a huge fan of Mari Andrew’s illustration page on Instagram, I am absolutely delighted with the book. I find her prompts to help helpful and thought-provoking and I learn new things about myself every time I do an activity from the book. Since I don’t particularly have great artistic skills, this workbook has been a great place for me to draw and not feel pressured to perfect it. I would recommend this book if you want to explore your mind and don’t particularly like the idea of journaling. This workbook provides a safe space for you to learn about the inner workings of your wonderful mind.