A Plant-Lovers Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts

What do cards, chocolates, and flowers all have in common? Plants -- and Valentine’s Day, of course. If not every day, February 14th is the perfect opportunity to shower your lover (or galentine) with botanicals. Here are a few ideas on how: 

1. Plant symbolism

As you may know, plants speak their own language. It’s simple enough to just buy a bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day, so why not set yourself apart and say more than just ‘I love you’? To send a special message to your valentine, take a note from the Victorian Era and read up on plant symbolism. For example, give an arrangement of yarrow, lavender, and marjoram for everlasting love, devotion, and happiness. Extra: press flowers and make them into a card. 

2. Pots, pots, and more pots

There are never enough pots in a plant-lovers life. And the best kind are personalized. Check sites like Etsy for handcrafted planters with custom messages, puns, and colorful shapes. I like dinosaurs and pots made with natural materials like wood or cloth. To make it extra special, add a live plant -- maybe your valentine recently killed a succulent or could utilize new herbs in the kitchen. 

3. The right field guide

More niche, a proper illustrated guidebook is the perfect gift if your valentine loves to get nitty-gritty with his/her/their plant obsession. Try the gamut: indoor and outdoor gardening, hydroponics, medicinal herbs, wild edibles, and other plant IDs. The best place to go searching is your local bookstore, but it’s also helpful to check the accuracy of information online, too. 

4. Plant-based treats

For all plant-lovers and non-plant lovers near and far, give the gift of food. Try organic teas in flavors that aren’t casual at your local grocery store (rose buds could be romantic), dried fruit, or herbs for cooking. Handmade chocolates like these made in Woodbridge, VA bring out what’s best about a personal favorite plant: cacao. 

5. Nature-inspired literature

Some people prefer to appreciate plants from afar, or poetically even. Bring some nature inspiration with books like: 

Walking - Henry David Thoreau

Dream Work / Upstream: Selected Essays - Mary Oliver

Leaves of Grass - Walt Whitman

The Everglades: River of Grass - Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Lost Woods: The Discovered Writing of Rachel Carson - Rachel Carson

The Overstory - Richard Powers

If you’re not able to invest in a whole novel worth of content, check out sites like the Poetry Foundation, choose a poem on plants and serenade your valentine for free. 

6. Say it with a card

A classic concept, but add a packet of seeds and a great plant-related sentiment. Or, buy something adorable like this card with a message-inscribed bean that grows into a full plant

7. Plant a tree

For the anniversaries out there, make it a date and grow something together. A tree works best because those things can live forever, but if it’s just a small gardening party the meaning is still there. 

8. Give a cutting

A highly-coveted item for all and truly a special gift, cuttings are the gift of a new plant baby via propagation. Here’s a general guide on how to share your favorite Pothos, succulent or garden herb. 

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No valentine is alike, and neither are plants -- you know, except clones. Be thoughtful this Valentine’s Day and treat your special someone to love, growth and more growth.