My Labor Day Weekend with the GMU Lacrosse Team

Labor Day Weekend—the first weekend back of the fall semester, and arguably the most fun. Numerous darties, brunches in DC, and nights out fill the extra long weekend and amusement. So when I saw an away trip function for my lacrosse team on my calendar, you could say I was initially bummed.

Our trip was to span Friday-Sunday and would be full of outdoor activities and exercises. Not to mention the best part… we would basically be camping in the wilderness. Now, I have never been camping once in my life, and the thought of purchasing a sleeping bag and saying goodbye to that precious few dollars in my bank account hurt my soul a bit.

But the trip was necessary and I never shy away from time spent with my teammates. As we packed our bags, said our goodbyes to civilization (Fairfax), and left our phones behind for the whole weekend, YES three days without contact and social media, we head out on what was going to be a truly unexpected weekend.

For those who aren’t familiar, we visited Graves Mountain Lodge, located in Syria, Virginia. I’m not kidding when I say this place was so obscure, it didn't even show up on Apple Weather. LET. ME. KNOW.

We arrive to the reality that we wouldn’t be roughing it in the woods. Thank the heavens! We were lodged into summer camp still cabins, set up with bunk bunks and communal bathrooms. Although way rougher that the conditions we were used to, we couldn't be happier to not be in tents on the floor.

As we worked out, played lacrosse, and spent time bonding with one another we started to see that the weekend was truly looking up, and that there couldn't be anything too great we were missing back in Fairfax. Between campfires and the food at camp, we were pretty blessed.

And I would have to take a minute a give a shout out to the food at GML… It was quite honestly some of the best food I have ever eaten. Four words: Home cooked, southern meals. Just like your grandma makes. You couldn’t even feel bad considering the hike you had to make up the mountain to the dining hall!

We'd arrive at every meal to appetizers and breads waiting for us on the table and were served until we couldn't fit in another bite. The service was phenomal, and the staff was as sweet as their famous orchard grown apple butter.

I would recommend anyone to visit GML with family, friends, or for any team bonding event. The weekend and stay was truly an amazing experience and a nice, mandatory (no service up in the mountains people!), break away from your phones, work, and computer. 


Photos credit: Graves Mountain Lodge