My Favorite Small Businesses on TikTok

As TikTok rises in popularity, many small business owners are turning to the platform as a way of advertising their products. It’s an awesome advertising tool for businesses who don’t run their company through larger entities such as Etsy, but rather have their own websites that might not get as much traction. 

Small business videos are definitely some of my favorites on TikTok because they often take you behind the scenes of how all of the company’s products are made from start to finish. For the bath and body shops especially, their product demo videos are some of the most aesthetically pleasing content on all of TikTok. 

1. Cat and Raven Designs 

Cat and Raven are some of the coolest soap making moms I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. I honestly cannot express how much I love watching these two on TikTok. They started trending a few months ago when they started a new line of soaps featuring LGBT+ pride flags on them. As of their last restock in March, Cat and Raven had 11 different pride flag soaps on top of plenty of other awesome designs! They also post lots of personal videos supporting the LGBT+ community and teaching their kids to do the same. 

2. Lucid Living Co.

If your taste is anything like mine, you’ve probably had a few accounts from “WitchTok” themed videos pop up on your "for you" page. Lucid Living is like the holy grail of “WitchTok” themed bath and body products. All of their products are themed around symbols and characters from various types of mythology and magic. Their most popular products are their coconut milk baths, which are kind of like a bath bomb, but before the powder gets pressed. Lucid Living is actually the only one of these businesses I’ve actually had the chance to buy from so far (even if it was a gift), so I’m super excited for the package to come in!

3. KT’s Canvases

KT pops up on my TikTok fairly often with her array of floral paintings and prints that she sells on her website of the same name. Her floral paintings come in a huge variety of color variations, so I guarantee most people could find one fitting their own personal aesthetic pretty easily. If cool paintings aren’t reason enough to check out her videos, at the end of most of them, she invites her cat, Ella, in to critique them. It’s so pure, and Ella is a wonderful critic. 

4. Geeky Clean

I may or may not be slightly obsessed with this company for the fact that they make Dungeons & Dragons themed bath products. If you’re a D&D player that can’t decide if your money should go towards a relaxing bath or a new set of dice, might I recommend Geeky Clean’s D20 bath bombs that come with a full set of dice inside? Or if you’re not a fan of D&D but still want some geeky themed bath products, they’ve recently added Animal Crossing, Studio Ghibli and Harry Potter-themed products! Geeky Clean is also run in the UK, so definitely keep an eye out for potentially high shipping costs!

Regardless of how you feel about TikTok as a company, I think now more than ever, small businesses need a lot of support. I’m really happy to see TikTok lifting up these creators with its "for you" page feature, and I’m so excited to see what these awesome businesses come up with next!