My Fall Experience in New York

This past weekend, I visited New York to celebrate my sister’s birthday and also to tour a law school that I’ve been interested in. I had a fabulous time shopping until I literally I dropped, “wined and dined” at the most exquisite restaurants, took aesthetically pleasing photographs with street art, toured a New York Law School in Tribeca and enjoyed the skyscrapers that make up this concrete jungle. I highly recommend anyone visiting the city to engage in as many of these activities as you can! All you need is one weekend to fall in love.

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1. Shopping, of course

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I shopped three out of the four days that I was in New York. It can be hard to visit and shop in New York if you’re on a tight budget, but the beauty of the city is that there are stores for just about everyone on every type of budget. I enjoyed shopping in three neighborhoods: SoHo, Tribeca and in the Upper East Side. I experienced moments where I felt like Blair and Serena but also like Carrie Bradshaw shopping my way through the city. Overall, the shopping was great! I am an individual who is very into fashion, so this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Everything was very fashion forward and perfect for fall. Although the stores did get pretty crowded and busy, the sales associates were very helpful and informative at just about every store I visited. Walking out of the store with several bags was definitely an exciting feeling and I can’t wait to wear all my new apparel this season!

2. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert at the best restaurants

Photo Courtesy of Iman Naieem

I am sure that everyone knows New York has the best restaurants. One big part about visiting the city is eating at award-winning and highly ranked restaurants. Each neighborhood offers a diverse selection of cuisines. Anything you’re in the mood for, New York has to offer it: Italian, Asian, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean, American, etc. Some of the places I ate at include Sadelle’s, Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya, Giano, The Plaza Food Hall and Nino’s 46. All were absolutely spectacular and had an exquisite menu. In addition to the wonderful food, the customer service, ambiance and decor were also fabulous. Anyone visiting New York has to dabble with all the different food options!

3. Taking pictures with street art

Photos Courtesy of Iman Naieem

You can’t go to New York and not take aesthetically pleasing photographs with skyscrapers and the street art that fills the entire city. Tribeca, SoHo and East Village were the more artsy areas that I visited during this trip and had such beautiful murals on various buildings. The colors and graphics were eye-catching (and definitely Instagram and Snapchat worthy). These neighborhoods have such hipster and trendy vibes that also make them attractive and entertaining places to be. If you are visiting the city, you have to check out these neighborhoods to enjoy the beautiful art and of course take pictures looking cute next to it!

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4. Visiting a law school

Photo Courtesy of Iman Naieem

One of my main reasons for visiting New York was to visit New York Law School (NYLS) in Tribeca. It has always been a dream of mine to live in the city and pretend that I’m Carrie Bradshaw or Serena Bradshaw for just a few years. Most of the schools I am interested in are in D.C., but NYLS caught my attention because of its emphasis on employment and labor law, my field of interest. I had a great time visiting the school. The guided tour was very helpful and informative, making me even more inclined to move to New York. The school was a lot different than many of the other law schools I have visited because it was so open, colorful and felt like a more fun environment. It didn’t seem as daunting and depressing as most law schools. I loved this experience. I definitely recommend anyone interested in a graduate education to visit a school in New York during your trip!

5. Taking in the concrete jungle

Photos Courtesy of Iman Naieem

The most simple and serene part of my trip was just soaking in the breathtaking skyscrapers that make up this concrete jungle. Skyscrapers and city lights will always be one of the most beautiful sights for me. I could just drive around the city all night looking at all of the buildings and never get bored. Each time I would walk outside, I’d find myself trying to take it all in and staring in awe at the city’s beauty. The above pictures are from the top of the Empire State Building. This was my first time going up to the top and it was absolutely life-changing. It was the perfect way to end my trip since I was able to get one last look of the entire city.

I had a fabulous trip during my fall experience in New York. I loved shopping, eating at the best restaurants, taking dope pictures, touring a law school and enjoying the scenery. Visiting my favorite city during one of the best seasons of the year was truly a gift! I recommend anyone to take a trip during fall to get the best experience without freezing your butt off. I know I will definitely be back!