The Multi-Dimensional Collegiette

Sonia Bahou is currently a sophomore at George Mason University where she is studying for her degree in Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. She is an aspiring news anchor and lawyer. She is involved in many organizations and holds a position in each. Sonia is the Secretary of Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Production Manager of Mason Cable News, Society of Professional Journalists and a Mason Cable News Live Anchor. With all the organizations and leadership role Sonia takes on, you would think she would be having meltdowns and stressing out to the max. Not Sonia. Sonia thrives on being busy as this is how she was raised.

MH: Have you always liked to stay busy or was this something that developed once you began college?

SB: Every time we had free time my parents always tried to plan something where we could go out as a family and explore. So, there never was really a time where we would sit back and relax. It’s not really the way I was brought up so anytime I have free time,  I always try to occupy myself.

MH: What are your plans once you’ve graduated from Mason?

SB: In the next five years or so I either want to be working for a broadcasting company like WDVM or in law school.

Sonia’s drive for being active isn’t limited in either her professional and academic but extends to her personal life too. She enjoys waking up early every day, eating a healthy breakfast and tries her best to go running before school to clear her head and get ready for the day. In her free time during, the school year Sonia enjoys playing tennis, listening to music, dancing and just about anything that’s active.  A big part of her life also extends to learning more about different cultures and likes to attend any and all cultural events.

Via Sonia Bahou

As if she wasn’t busy enough with her professional, academic, and social life, Sonia also squeezes in time to work part-time at her local Target and somehow fits in time to have a sit-down dinner with her family at least once a week.

MH: Other than running, what helps you recharge from being so active all the time?

SB: I usually just try to be alone and I like to go on long walks and listen to music. I sit in my room by the window journal sometimes.

During breaks, Sonia is a big traveler and has been to France, Belgium, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Mexico and various places in the United Staes.

Via Sonia Bahou

MH: What would you say has been your favorite place to travel?

SB: I would say my favorite place that I’ve traveled so far is probably France.

MH: Why is that?

SB: Because it was the first time I traveled alone and it was a lot different than from what I’ve experienced in the past of traveling with my parents. It really taught me a lot about myself like the kind of person I am and things that I am capable of. I learned that I could actually travel on my own and that I can be independent and do all the things that go into planning a trip. Because this time I was responsible for myself and there was no one looking out for me and I had to do it on my own. Also, I just really like France in general.

MH: What were your favorite things to see? SB: I really liked seeing the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Everything was really pretty in France and I would love to go back one day.

Anyone that knows Sonia Bahou is incredibly lucky as she is a true friend with a warm heart and lights up any room she walks into. Whether it's her random dancing, ability to identify any song, never-ending stories, she is always able to bring a smile to your face no matter the mood you might be in. She will without a doubt go on to do amazing things in the future.