Meet Madison Essig

This is Madison Essig. She recently ran for reelection within the George Mason University Student Government and continues to be extremely involved on campus through many different organizations.

Makenzie Nelson (MN): What year are you here at George Mason University?

Madison Essig (ME): “I am ending my freshman year and entering my sophomore year.”

MN: What is your major?

ME: “My major is Communications with a concentration in Organizational Communications.”

MN: What organizations are you apart of at Mason?

ME: “I am a part of Student Government, Gamma Phi Beta, Hillel, Best Buddies, and GMU Dems.”

MN: What have you done or hope to accomplish during your time as a student?

ME: “I hope to accomplish more inclusion across college campuses for people with disabilities and diversify this campus even more. I want the student body to know we are here getting the same education as everyone else. We are not defined by our disability, but our abilities. We are the same as everyone else, we are already proud to be Mason students, but also a part of MasonNation.”

MN: How do you plan on promoting more inclusion and diversity on campus?

ME: “By collaborating more with all of the multicultural RSO’s to see how we can help them and how they can help us. Having a newsletter highlighting diverse organizations or students who have accomplished a lot and contributes to the Mason community in any way. We can also do this by social media accounts.”

MN: What is one problem you see on campus regarding diversity and inclusion?

ME: “The events put on by organizations should be put on social media accounts period. GetConnected and [email protected] is great, but they seem outdated and does not help the students stay up to date day by day on events that happen on all of Mason’s campuses. Having organizations come in on a monthly basis to student government meetings to make their voice heard does not happen. I would like to change that where an organization comes in and talks during the time where gallery members can speak to have their concerns be heard.”

MN: What do you hope to accomplish after college?

ME: “I hope to be a news anchor and do what I love.”

Madison is an inspiration to everyone she meets and has already made a lasting impact in her short time here at Mason.