Mason Greek Life as Harry Potter Characters

Ever wondered what would happen if we somehow woke up and we were in Harry Potter? Would Southside be our Great Hall? Would we be taking Potions instead of labs? And what about Greek life? Which characters would we be?

Alpha Phi: Fleur Delacour (and basically the entire Beauxbatons Academy)

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Alpha Phi are the ever so popular girls of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. They all look like they’re sisters irl, and their collective movements are so synchronized that it’s literally intimidating. They’re also very close with many frat brothers, proving that their loyalty spreads to everyone.

Chi Omega: Hermione Granger

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Their status as the Greek organization with the highest overall GPA on campus, plus their driving purposes of friendship and career achievement basically qualify them as the one and only: Hermione Granger! P.S. It’s KI Omega, not CHAI Omega.

Alpha Omicron Pi: Ginny Weasley

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Like Ginny, AOII have strong yet kind personalities and they stick up for their friends. AOII sisters are also often athletic, much like Ginny, as she went on to play Quidditch professionally. AOII sisters are guided by character and dignity, something that shines through in Ginny’s and AOII’s personalities.

Zeta Tau Alpha: (Nymphadora) Tonks

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As ZTA is the one of the most diverse sororities on campus, it’s only fitting that they would be the lovable Tonks. Part of ZTA’s creed is love, “the greatest of all things”, and that’s evident through their smiles and outreach to the Mason community. They’re also known for being friends with everyone on campus, much like Tonks was with the members of Dumbledore’s Army.

Gamma Phi Beta: Luna Lovegood

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Although Luna may be shy and people may dismiss her intentions at first, the people of Hogwarts soon find that one of her biggest strengths is her intuition. Much like Gamma Phi, Luna is extremely knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, which she uses to help her friends in whatever way possible- her loyalty is unmatched.

Kappa Delta: Cho Chang

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The girls of KD may be new to the Greek community, but they are extremely enthusiastic about being founding members of their chapter. Like Cho, they are extremely sweet and bubbly. (Welcome, KD!)

Pi Beta Phi: Molly Weasley

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Molly Weasley is the epitome of Pi Phi’s values of lifetime commitment, integrity and honor/respect. She is the one of the most caring characters, and the same can be said for the sisters of Pi Phi. Their friendship is sincere, and they’ve always got your back.

Alpha Xi Delta: Minerva McGonagall

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One of Alpha Xi’s most important principles is knowledge, so it’s only fitting that the ~queen~ of knowledge, Minerva McGonagall, represent them. Because the sisters also value leadership and sisterhood, it’s clear that Professor McGonagall is the perfect choice.

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~The Frats~

Phi Sigma Kappa: Gilderoy Lockhart

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Brotherhood, Leadership and Excellence.

Chi Psi: Cedric Diggory

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Integrity, Dignity and Maturity.

Pi Kappa Alpha: Victor Krum

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Pride, athleticism and Fraternity.

Delta Chi: Sirius Black

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Justice, Character and Friendship.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Seamus Finnigan

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Friendship, Scholarship and Service.

Alpha Sigma Phi: Ron Weasley

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Friendship, Honor and Purity.

Sigma Chi: Neville Longbottom  

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Friendship, Justice and Learning.

Beta Theta Pi: Percy Weasley

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Intellect, Responsibility and Integrity.

Kappa Sigma: Draco Malfoy

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(Very exclusive) Brotherhood, Personal Growth and Decision-Making.

BONUS: Mason Wi-Fi

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