Jessy Morgan: Campus Celebrity

This week's campus celebrity truly deserves to be recognized, her ambition, work ethic and passion for her team has been utterly amazing as she continually brings her team to victory. Jessica Morgan is head coach for GMU Women's Lacrosse Team. She is a former UVA All-American and is the fourth head women’s lacrosse coach in GMU program history. A recruiting and defensive coordinator for the Cavaliers, Morgan has coached two All-Americans and two defensive All-ACC players in her four seasons as an assistant. Recognized as a top recruiter, she played a significant role in securing the third-ranked national recruiting class in 2013. On the national scene, Morgan was a two-time USA Developmental Team member and was voted the eighth-best African-American lacrosse player of all-time by Lacrosse Magazine in 2010. On top of all of that she completed her bachelors in English in 2007. Check out our interview below to get to know her better!


Where are you from? ​ 

I have dual citizenship in Baltimore, Maryland and Chestertown, Maryland making me both city and country. 

What is your style of play? 

Aggressive and technical

 What system do you use? 

We try to come up with systems that best fit the players and their skill set. That could change from game to game or as injuries occur. 

What brought you to Mason? 

Mason is in a great location and pretty close to my family in Baltimore. It’s a Division 1 school in the DMV area.  These jobs don’t open often, I jumped at the opportunity. 

What does the term coaching mean to you?

 It means teacher, mentor, leader, resource, family. 

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer? 


What advice do you give to those who are interested in pursuing to play a varsity sport in college? 

Find a school that fits you academically first. Visit as many schools as possible and make an informed decision. 

What was your college experience like?

 It was amazing. I won a National Championship won 3 ACC titles got to study poetry as an English major, it was a great four years. 

What has been your most memorable moment of this season? 

I think the season, as a whole is pretty memorable. I’m learning something new each game. Many teams underestimated us so it’s great to see opponent’s reactions.  

If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?

 Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Because I couldn’t settle for being an inferior cereal. It’s the best!

If you had a movie made about you which actress would play you? 

Whoopie Goldberg could work. She lacks eye brows but we could draw some on. 

What is a quote you live by? 

You get out of something, what you put into it. FACT

Who is your role model? 

My grandmother, she is the hardest working woman I know. When I don’t think I can do anymore I think of her and remember how hard she worked as a Nurse for over 50 years. 

What does George Mason Women's Lacrosse Team have that no one else does? 

A coach that refuses to settle. 

Come out this Friday at the George Mason Stadium at the Field House at 4pm to cheer on the women's lacrosse as they take on St. Bonaventure! It's clear to see Coach Morgan's hard work is paying off, these ladies deserve the spotlight!