#ITriedIt: EyeBuyDirect

If you are like me, you have been wearing glasses since the 4th grade. For a majority of my life, I have struggled with getting new prescription after new prescription and a new set of glasses along with it. While I might have liked the glasses when I picked them out at the time, I quickly grew tired of them and was ready for the next best thing. The only problem with this is that glasses are EXPENSIVE! Eventually, when I entered high school, I became tired of this cycle and switched to contacts, which I have pretty much been wearing consistently for 7 years. Not having to worry about my glasses slipping down my nose or having a glare in my pictures were a couple of other key reasons for switching to contacts. 

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It wasn’t until recently that I started to really think about my contacts and how healthy it may or may not be to wear them day in and day out. My goal recently was to start wearing my glasses more often to try and give my eyes a break every now and then. The only problem was that my glasses were outdated and not necessarily my favorite thing to wear. I wanted to be able to have glasses that were unique, fresh, and bold, but I don’t exactly have a “bold” bank account. About a month ago, a friend recommended EyeBuyDirect to me so I decided I would try it so you don't have to!

Via Mackenzie Nelson

Once on the website, there are so many styles and price ranges to choose from. I was able to find a pair of frames that fit the style I wanted and was something I could afford. When browsing the frames, there is a ‘try it on’ feature where you can upload a photo of yourself and see what those glasses might look like on you. Once you have found the ones, you simply input your prescription for both your left and right eye into the system. I was able to find this on my contact boxes, but you can also contact your eye doctor to receive this information from them. The lenses also cost an extra amount of money, so make sure to factor that in when scrolling through frames. Now that you have the frames and your prescription entered, you are ready to order!

Via Mackenzie Nelson

My glasses took about a week to ship to my house after I ordered them. While I wasn’t sure whether I loved them or not when I first got them, it felt good knowing that EyeBuyDirect has a 14-Day fit and style guarantee which allows customers to make an equal exchange or return with no questions asked. After wearing them around for the weekend and wearing them to classes for a couple of days, I am definitely in love with my new glasses.

Via Mackenzie Nelson

If you are like me, you are on a budget trying to keep up with the latest trends. Trying these alternatives to buying eyeglasses is a great way to match your aesthetic without breaking the bank. 

Look studious while looking fabulous collegiettes, and always try new things!