I’ve Realized How Much The Food I Eat Affects Me

My entire life, I have always been overweight. It’s been something I’ve always struggled with and eventually became normal to me. Growing up, I was extremely self-aware of this -- constantly pulling at my shirt so it wouldn’t stick to me and wearing baggy clothes. Especially in middle school, it was a very hard time in my life. I would go to the gym on and off but would eat fast food every night. All my life I ate extremely unhealthy and that continued on into my freshman year of college.

Freshman year, my dream goal was to just drop 100 pounds and I told myself then I would be happy. Again, I was going to the gym on and off, but still eating strictly burgers and pizza at the dining halls. I was always able to force myself to go to the gym, but had no self control over what I ate. This year, sophomore year, I live in an apartment with a kitchen. I don’t have access to the dining halls anymore, so I’m forced to make my own breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started eating yogurt and fruit for breakfast, packing a wrap and vegetables for lunch and preparing food such as chicken and veggies for my dinners. I didn’t realize the effect it had on me at first, but it is extremely prevalent now.

My entire life, after I finished every meal, my stomach was always in pain and I felt extremely tired and sluggish. I wasn’t able to fully realize it until I changed the way I ate. Now, that feeling is no longer there and I actually feel energized after eating, which I didn’t think was possible. I don’t get stomach aches anymore and my overall mood has improved. I can really tell the effect that changing what I eat has made when I decide to eat foods like as Chick-fil-a or Blaze. After eating it, I always feel sick, tired and my whole mood changes. While I LOVE fast food (and plan on getting Chick-fil-a tomorrow), it isn’t something I choose to eat daily anymore because of how it makes me feel.

My goal is no longer to drop 100 pounds to be happy because that isn’t how it works. My goal is to keep putting good things in to get good out. Remember to treat yourself, and that you should eat whatever makes you happy! If you’re someone like me that has had these same feelings and experiences, definitely take a look at what you’re eating and make little changes!

Do the things that make you happy, collegiettes, and good luck with classes!

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