I Tried Laser Treatments for My Acne Scars

I have struggled with acne and scarring for as long as I can remember. Switching between antibiotics, topical creams, pills, and whatever a dermatologist would prescribe was a typical routine in my life. For a while, I was able to manage my breakouts and keep them under control. That was until I switch my birth control, and all my old acne came. This time, the scarring was worse than ever before.

I finally got fed up with feeling insecure whenever I didn’t wear makeup, so I decided to look into some alternative treatments. I kept hearing about laser treatments, claiming they could cure your acne scars within four-six weeks of the procedure. After doing some research and giving myself a few pep talks, I eventually found a local place with great reviews to test out. 

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The Consultation

I went to the initial consultation and everything went great! I was told what the recommended treatment would be, along with the steep cost of $350 (compared to other locations, this was a fairly good deal.) The price made me think long and hard about whether I should go through with it or not. However, I decided to just go for it, convinced this was the last option I had to finally get rid of my scars.

The Procedure

When the day of the procedure finally came, I arrived early, eager to see how it would go. Once I was called back into the office, I laid down and put on a small pair of protective goggles. 

The first thing that surprised me was that there was nothing used to numb my face, just a blast of cold air would be administered while the laser was touching my skin. Once the actual laser treatment began, I was shocked by how painful it was. The cold air did basically nothing and the lasers truly felt like a needle digging into my skin. Due to the large surface area my scars cover, the total treatment time was about 30 minutes (which felt like an eternity.) After a few minutes, I got used to the pain and was able to make it through. Overall, the pain was tolerable but definitely uncomfortable.

The Healing Process

Right after the treatment was over, my face was bright red. I was told by the doctor that at first the scars would scab over and appear visibly worse for about a week. During this time period, you can only lightly wash your face with a gentle cleanser (which my acne was not a fan of.) After that, the scabs will naturally flake off, taking the scar pigmentation along with them. Once four-six weeks pass, the scarring should be significantly reduced. 

The first week went just like I was told. My scars scabbed over and gradually flaked off. However, around the two-three week mark, I was getting a bit worried. My scarring had hardly changed at all, not improving or worsening. But, I kept my hopes up since there was still time left before the results were to be expected. 

Each week, I took comparison photos; excited to see how my scars would fade over time. I finally reached the six-week mark and took a look back at my photos. I finally realized that I was in the exact same place I had started at. My scars were just as bad as before. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re someone suffering from acne scars, I would suggest taking a different route. I spent a lot of money hoping to see amazing results and was left disappointed and broke. You can try different techniques for acne scar removal here. Just remember, you’re beautiful even with your scars.