How The Wing is All About Women Empowerment

The Wing is a community and work space created by women, for women. The organization’s mission is to provide opportunities for women to advance professionally, civically, socially and economically. The starters of the organization believe that women coming together will allow for the generation of new ideas, opportunities and prosperity for all womankind. Currently, there are five spaces: Flatiron, SoHo, Dumbo, DC and San Francisco. Another location will also soon be opening in West Hollywood. To become involved in the community, women must apply for membership to a single location or access to all. The benefits of membership include access to private and public workspaces, resources, networking events and the opportunity to be a part of a community of successful and supportive women. The Wing is all about empowered women empowering women.

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1. Public workspaces  

Similar to WeWork buildings, The Wing offers both public and private workspaces for women to get work done. Open spaces and conference rooms are some of the options for workspaces at the various centers. The organization’s website mentions how they create these spaces in a way that accommodates women’s needs. These open spaces provide a comfortable environment for women to work while also providing members with the opportunity to collaborate with others. This safe space includes the resources that working women need to succeed within their careers. This supportive environment provides the stepping stones to empower women. This platform promotes them to do well in their work while also fostering an environment to network with other working women.Via Americaninno

2. Access to essential women’s resources

The facilities offer a range of resources for women such as showers, lactation spaces, beauty rooms, wellness and exercise rooms, and feminine products. Some of the spaces will soon be implementing a space for children to play called “the Little Wing.” These resources and amenities offered to members help with structuring a work-life balance for women to care for themselves and their children while also attending to their work. In addition, many working mothers are not provided with access to lactation rooms within their workplace, making it very difficult to continue nursing their newborns. The Wing aids in empowering women to continue fulfilling their role as a mother while also moving forward in her career. This provides a safe environment for women to relax, shower and use a beauty room providing easy access to work comfortably, eat/drink, exercise, shower, change and get ready for an evening’s event. Therefore, The Wing empowers women by supporting and providing them with the resources they need to take care of and pamper themselves.

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3. Food and drinks

In addition to receiving food and drinks at events, members have access to the Perch Cafe, which offers a variety of healthy snacks, seasonal foods, and a full-service bar (open in the evening). Offering a variety of healthy food options makes it easy for women to not even leave the facility during lunch breaks. Also, when events are sponsored by the organization, catered food is provided free for members to enjoy. Similar to providing women with necessary resources, the healthy food and drink aspect promotes and empowers women to take care of their bodies and provide them with the healthy foods that they need to thrive while having positive health.

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4. Networking events

Each location of The Wing hosts their own networking, beauty and guest speaker events throughout the year. These events provide full benefits to members to network with other professional women, receive free products and gain insight into what is happening in their community. Some of the different types of events include panels, beauty workshops and soundbath meditation. As you can see, there are a variety of events both for fun and also for business. Events like this empower women to come together, utilize the power of working with other strong women and succeed in what they do. The information, resources and connections created at these events are beneficial in more ways than one and provides the support for women to continue being great.

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5. Creating a community of women supporting one another

Overall, The Wing creates a community of professional women who support one another and work together. Members are able to create connections with not only women in their own communities and neighborhoods, but also in other parts of the country. Full membership allows women to visit other spaces and gain full access to all resources and amenities. Additionally, working with other supportive, successful and intelligent women in a comfortable environment provides individuals with the incentive and motivation to work hard and achieve their goals. This community creates long-lasting relationships and friendships that will continue to benefit a woman in her career. Empowered women empower women!


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The Wing is thriving in women empowerment and we're definitely here for it!