How to Practice Self Care Over Winter Break

It’s finally time for winter break, collegiettes! It feels as if a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders as you leave campus for a month of relaxation. Here are a few tips on practicing self care over break!

1. Throw out old papers from the fall semester

Do you really need to keep that old scantron around reminding you of the one time you got a “C” on an exam? NO. I recycle all of the papers and notebooks from classes that don’t have to do with my major and only keep the stuff I might need again. Take a few minutes to develop an organization system for the things you do decide to keep so they’re easily accessible.

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2. Eat healthier

My finals week diet basically consisted of leftover pizza and granola bars. Take this opportunity to treat your body better since you actually have some free time to cook a proper meal.

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3. (Try) not to argue with family members

If you have a family with differing political views, it can be difficult to hold yourself back from defending your point of view. Trust me, I know. If they aren’t willing to listen and just want to argue then it really isn’t worth getting yourself worked up.

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4. Catch up with friends

Having friends that go to a different university can be difficult, but now is the perfect time to grab some coffee and catch up!

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5. Facemasks. Facemasks. Facemasks.

If you suffer from stress acne like I do, then your skin is probably crying for help post-finals. You can find a guide to DIY facemasks for every skin type here!

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6. Catch up on your favorite Netflix shows

Studying for finals has really gotten in the way of my Netflix time. You can find some of my personal recommendations here.

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Have a great winter break, collegiettes! And happy holidays!