How Pimple Patches Changed the Way I Treat My Acne

I’ve finally found the miracle product my skin has been searching for since puberty.

Pimple patches.

Back in December, I was introduced to Alba Botanica’s acnedote pimple patches and I’ve been hooked ever since. Working as a hydrocolloid bandage, these bad boys not only suck out the pus and fluid from a blemish but also reduce inflammation and promote healing.

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They work their magic overnight.

You don’t necessarily have to wear them overnight, but I’ll slap one on and leave it to it’s business while I get my beauty sleep. When you wake up, the patch becomes white and raised so you can actually see the gunk that came out of your skin. It’s simultaneously disgusting and therapeutic.

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They prevent picking and future scarring.

If there’s one thing I’m guilty of when it comes to my skin, it’s excessive picking of a blemish until I’ve ended up with a bloody mess and permanent scar on my face. The patches have a matte-clear finish and blur the appearance of the spot so it’s not as noticable, plus they cover it so I can’t get my nails or tools on it to start picking. I quickly realized that the less you pick, the quicker it can heal. Shocker.

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They ~actually~ work on cystic acne.

Let’s be real -- cystic and nodular acne is its own kind of painful nuisance. I’ve tried just about every cream, spot treatment and prescription topical you can think of. Instead of chemically drying out the cyst, the patches suck out the fluid and flatten it. This reduces the pain and uncomfortableness during the healing process… and it’s been life-changing as someone who’s struggled for so long.  

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There are so many options.

After falling in love with the Alba Botanica patches, I decided to branch out and research what other brands have to offer. It turns out there’s an entire market dedicated to these things and it’s blowing up right now thanks to Korean Beauty having its moment here in America. DERMAKR offers patches with tapered and thinned edges that can actually be worn under your makeup during the day. Clearasil offers their own version that’s meant to be worn overnight or for longer periods of time to get the maximum effect. Nexcare bandages offers a version as well that can cover slightly larger areas than the typical patches and are tinted a nude shade to better blend with your skin. (Side note: I’d love to see them expand this line in the future and offer darker shades to accommodate more skin tones so everyone can experience the magic these patches have to offer.

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Consider adding these to your skincare routine, collegiettes! They are life changing!