How to Make Good Use of Your Winter Break

Cramming all your final projects and studying the last minute, rushing to class after staying up all night, eating frozen food or take-out food for days, not able to enjoy your long, relaxing, steamy showers, having a mental breakdown while you’re on a time crunch…

Then, all of a sudden, all of that is gone.

The minute you finish your very last final of the semester, you’re done with school, done with all the nonsense you’ve been dealing for the past 4 months. Following that is the whirlwind of holiday celebration. Now that all that is over, what now?


Here are some things to keep you occupied and get through the last bit of winter break strategically and productively:


  1. Rediscover your past interests

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I believe a lot of our hobbies were put on hold since college started. Doesn’t matter if it’s playing an instrument, reading, playing a sport, meditation, or a certain art, go back into it! Winter break is the best time to pick up the things you love again without worrying about another assignment deadline. Go play piano for hours, go on a hike for an entire day, there are endless possibilities!


    2. Explore new hobbies

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Always wanted to learn how to play guitar but never had the time? Now is your chance! Make good use of your break and try things you’ve always wanted to do but kept putting off!


  3. Reconnect with old friends


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Contacting friends from home when away for college can be tough. Winter break is the perfect time to rekindle those precious friendships! Go plan fun activities, hang out with them and catch up with each other’s crazy lives before you leave for school!


   4. Take care of your body

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This goes hand in hand with the first two points. With our hectic schedules, it’s really difficult for us collegiettes to exercise regularly. Now, we have all the time in the world, why not start a routine and go to the gym more often? After all, we have to take care of our body after all those unhealthy college habits, am I right?


  5. Get ready for your next semester

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Now that we have some free time, we have all the time in the world to plan our upcoming semester. “Why would we want to spend time planning on school stuff when we can just relax?” You might ask. Some people might prefer 100% relaxing during winter break and worry about school stuff later on once the break is over. However, if you want to suffer less next semester, it’ll be a good idea to start ahead and prepare. If you have the habit of using planners and bullet journals, now is a good time to draw templates and write things down in preparation for the new semester and new year! Once we’re closer to the beginning of the semester, your professors would probably start posting syllabi for your classes - an exciting time for planning freaks - you can start putting down all the due dates, quizzes, and exams onto your planner/journal! This way, when the semester starts, you won’t be trying to juggle everything all at once. If you never had the routine of using planners or bullet journals, but have always wanted to, you should totally look into it this winter break!


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   6. Plan your future


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Interpret this however you want to! You can start planning or editing your college plans (rough list of what classes to take each semester), plan when to study abroad if you’re interested, look into internships and jobs for the future and start polishing that resume and cover letter! With so much going during the semester, it is definitely difficult to dedicate time for job search and cover letter writing, so why not make good use of your winter break?


We are less than 2 weeks away from school, don’t let your precious time slip through your fingers, collegiettes!