How I Started Crocheting And Why You Should Too

Ah, crocheting. The lesser-known sister of knitting, which receives confused looks from people when it is mentioned and also when it is being spelled out. If you do not know what crocheting is, or what it entails, hopefully, the gif below can help! If you want to see how the heck a tiny… hook?... can create a tangible, wearable item, you can totally YouTube it and there will be countless videos showing you how it’s done. I am going to be telling you how I got into crochet, why I continue to do it, and why you should crochet too.

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Let’s jump right in. My mom taught me to crochet when I was about eight years old, and I got super into it. I stuck with blankets or scarves (because they are essentially big rectangles) that I never finished because they took too long. I left crocheting for a while and returned to it this past fall and made several summer and winter tops. I actually went back to crocheting out of necessity. I was so overwhelmed with stress and large assignments that I needed something that would not only take my mind off of things but something that would remind me and put me into a mindset and safe space of a more relaxed time- my childhood. Also, crocheting gave me a purpose and something short term to work towards, something that was not a large assignment that seemed never-ending.

1. Purpose

Crocheting gives you purpose, a goal that is achievable. We all know that feeling of achieving a goal: it magically boosts your confidence and whispers to you that you can be a #boss in other aspects of your life too. The nice thing about crocheting is that projects are relatively easy and quick to finish once you get the hang of it, which does not take long at all. Getting the hang of it can be a goal within itself! The other thing is that you can put your HOTH (crochet lingo for “hot off the hook”) straight to daily use. Say you made a scarf the way you wanted. Now it’s as big and fluffy as you like and you can wrap it around yourself and be proud that it’s your own handiwork. Or say you made a cute little halter crop top. The looks you’ll be getting at your trendy, unique top will make you feel accomplished and proud. Even a small headband can be popped on every morning, reminding you that your work and effort has meaning and genuine, useful purpose. This mindset of being able to do and create things that are of use is priceless to other parts of life and the compliments aren’t too bad either!

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2. Saving money

You may have seen crochet tops selling at stores for a hefty price or handmade ones selling for a few hundred (yes, hundreds). If you learn (which you can, for absolutely free online) and buy some yarn, you can make and wear many eye-catching crochet pieces and stand out this summer. Also, when you’re making a top, which there are so many free tutorials for, you can alter it yourself. You can adjust the length, the tightness, and even add a border to suit your taste. Forget looking for a piece where each detail has to match your taste before you buy it; you can make it yourself to your own liking! You can even gift people your creations. Handmade items of any kind are really meaningful and expensive, so it’ll look good on your part and also be easy on your wallet.

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3. Stress relief

Like I said above, I returned to crocheting to relieve some of the serious stress that comes with being a full-time college student. If you’re just learning it, it might not transport you to days of peaceful childhood but it can take your mind off things nonetheless! Whether you’re fully engrossed in learning a stitch or so comfortable with it that your mind goes on auto-pilot, crocheting can take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out.

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4. Community

Like any other hobby/interest, there will be a huge community to join. Whether it’s a Facebook group, a nursing home or with an elder in your family, you will have people to turn to. Let me tell you why crocheting communities are super enriching and will automatically put you in a good mood: I’m part of a really large crocheting Facebook group where members post their progress and get literally hundreds of compliments. Beginners ask for advice and again, get hundreds of replies instructing them. Also, crocheting holds a lot of meaningful history for individuals and families. It’s a practice that’s been passed down, and teaching someone else or learning from them, is a really close and special moment. So if a relative in your family crochets or knits, learning from them can be enriching in the sense of learning a new skill, bonding with that relative, being involved with a familial tradition or learning about your heritage.

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5. Potential Business

As mentioned before, crocheting items can sell for a lot. If you’re constantly crocheting to get your mind off of things, or you like the calm that it gives you while listening to your favorites podcast, consider turning that time into money!

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Honestly, crocheting can be switched out for any hobby that gives you purpose, confidence and a community. Find whatever you genuinely enjoy and want to escape to when things get overwhelming. A sense of achievement that spills into other parts of your life is so important to us, collegiettes, with our new opportunities and responsibilities and is found in so many other activities and hobbies. The important thing is to find that interest, learn and grow from it. And if you’re too busy to try out different activities to see which one fits, give crocheting a shot!