How to Deal with Missing College Over the Summer

With finals almost over, summer is upon us. Yet, summer is not always a happy time for everyone. College is an amazing experience, you meet so many new people and there are always things to do, but going home may not be the same after that. High school friends drift apart or you may live in a boring town in the suburbs. Whatever the case you may be, you already find yourself counting down the days till next semester. Here are some tips to get through that feeling of “college-sickness”.

1. Appreciate the food

Regardless of where you live I think everyone can agree, they’re ready for a home cooked meal once the semester is over. Food can be a great comfort (and can also make you realize how bad the food is at college). Eat lots of food, especially the food you can’t seem to find on campus.

2. Hobbies

Summer is the perfect time to start new hobbies because you don’t have the stress of school looming over you 24/7. So try something new, just because you’re not in college doesn’t mean the learning has to stop.

3. Visit old friends

Depending on what year you are in college or how confident you are, it may be time to start reaching out to old,”old”,friends.  I’d say forget the feelings of awkwardness if you haven’t spoken to them since freshman year of highschool, there is never a wrong time to rekindle old friendships or catch up after a few years.

4. Keep in touch

Just because it summer doesn’t mean you have to leave all of your college friends behind, make sure to keep in touch. Even if it’s just sending a picture of the beach and a “wish you were here” text.

5. Think of the stress

When I get lonely at home I just think of all the stress from finals and then I realize I’m glad to be home. College is always worth the stress, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the days off from all the essays and tests.

Enjoy summer break, collegiettes. You’ll be heading back to campus before you know it.