Halloween Decoration in a Dorm Room

Halloween.. IMHO, the best holiday; which has nothing to do with the fact that my birthday is the same time of the year. If you’re missing homemade apple cider, pumpkin carving and decorating the house, here’s some tips to turn your dorm room into your own Halloweentown.

Window Clings

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Scare the building across the hall with an image from the Purge, or make them smile with a Casper the Ghost window cling.

Paint a Pumpkin

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Miss having a scary pumpkin face on your front door step? Avoid the messy pumpkin guts and paint one instead! You can use googly eyes, stickers, markers, paint, pom pom balls… make him scary or cute, and put him in the dorm or outside your door!

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Door Decorations

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(Pumpkin) Spice up your hall with door decorations! Whether it’s streamers, stickers, a murderous red washable paint handprint… get creative! Get your roommate and make a trip to the Dollar Tree and get a few small things each.  


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Head on over to your local Joann’s Fabric, Walmart or Target and get a pair of cute ghost socks! Wear them around campus for a subtle spooky theme, or get fuzzy ones and relax in the dorm. Take it an extra step and add light up pumpkin earrings.

Halloween Costume Parties

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Pinterest is your best friend. To be a little more unique, look up Captain Marvel or other superhero characters, or make your boo hate the night a little less by dressing up as Fortnite characters.

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Whether you’re cuddled up in bed with warm apple cider, fuzzy socks and a scary movie on, marathoning Freeform’s 31 Nights or out partying all Halloweekend - there’s something for everyone. Remember, as much as you may miss trick or treating as a kid… please don’t take candy from strangers.