Getaway: The Tiny Houses of Your Dreams

I’ve been obsessed with tiny houses for as long as I can remember. They’re compact, minimal and most importantly: they’re often off-grid and eco-friendly. Some tiny houses are built using recycled materials such as wood, repurposed metals and even upcycled shipping containers.


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My boyfriend and I started looking into staying a few nights in a real tiny house, just to get a feel for the off-grid, unplugged and of course, tiny lifestyle. We scoured the internet for tiny house rentals. When we couldn’t find any available, we gave up.

And then we came across Getaway. Getaway is the tiny cabin dream. The company started as just an idea in New York. The concept was very simple: to help people unplug from their devices and unwind--all in a picturesque tiny house with huge windows.

So, they built these little cabins (built for up to four people) in the woods of the Catskills, in New Hampshire and eventually, Shenandoah, VA.

Each outpost is located just two hours from major US cities, and we’re lucky to live just outside DC because the closest Getaway is just two hours away.

Since first finding Getaway, my boyfriend and I have taken two trips out to unplug from our phones, emails, work calls and busy lives to spend quality time together in the beautiful woods of the Shenandoah. Both trips have been the most relaxing few days of our lives. On both trips we got to sleep in, make simple meals together and do a lot of exploring around the area.



Here is why you should getaway too:

     1. They’re devoted to helping you unplug from your busy life, just for a while.



The whole point of Getaway, according to its founders, is to “lock away your phone, connect with loved ones, and enjoy nature.” Each cabin comes with a cell phone lockbox, meant for you to tuck your device away and live in the moment. Forget about answering texts and emails. Forget about work and school, just for a few days. If you get bored...good. There’s plenty to do as each cabin also comes with books, games and little activity booklets you can use to look for birds and plants native to the area.

The point is to unwind and recharge, the best way possible.

     2. The cabins come with everything you need.


Getaway also makes sure to stock each cabin with the necessities: shower essentials, pots and pans for cooking, wood for burning in the firepit and they even provide food and snacks available for purchase.

They want you to pack lightly and live minimally--so simple! On our trips, we did the grocery shopping on the way down. We picked up simple things like pasta, ready-made sauce, bread, avocados and instant coffee. We pretty much only packed a few outfits, groceries and personal essentials. If you need anything or have an emergency, the people at Getaway are just a text or call away. The cabins come with one queen bed, or two, making the perfect solo trip, couples getaway or a friends trip for four. Bring a friend!



     3. The view, the nature.



The view!! The cabins, tucked away in the woods, have beautiful, large windows for you to take in the view. My favorite part of this on both trips was that we got to drink coffee and watch the birds and squirrels scurry around through the window. It is so immersive, relaxing and really helps you get out of your own head for a while. There’s also a lot to explore in the area. Shenandoah National Park is a 10-minute drive from the outpost, but there are also walking paths in the area if you’re in the mood to get out.

     4. Get a road trip out of it.



Another thing I loved about Getaway was that each time we went, my boyfriend and I got a mini road trip out of it. The two-hour drive was not overwhelmingly long, it was just long enough to enjoy each other’s company listening to our favorite music.

     5. They offer a student discount.

Last but not least, Getaway offers students 15% off the cost of the trip. All you have to do is sign up with a valid student email.

     6. Each time you book a cabin, Getaway plants a tree!


They’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to give back to nature. Just another reason to get away.


If you’re looking for a way to recharge and feel refreshed, considering Getaway! Sure, the semester just started, but by the time spring break rolls around you’ll probably be ready to unplug and take a step back from your busy life. I can’t recommend Getaway enough, and am already planning a third trip!

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