Frozen 2… What to Expect?


A sequel? What else is there to talk about? Is it really necessary? 

Oftentimes, when sequels are announced, especially sequels to movies with completed story arcs, people tend to question whether it is necessary to dig up old dirt and force a new story. In Frozen, everyone already got their happy ending. What else is there to tell? 

In fact, there are a lot of unanswered questions in the first Frozen movie they never directly addressed. Where did Elsa get her powers? What happened to Elsa and Anna’s parents? 

And Frozen 2 is here to tell the story. 

The 2013 original earned $1.28 billion globally, which became the top-grossing animation of all time. And this 2019 sequel, in just a small period of time, broke the record with $10.8 billion in global ticket sales.

Frozen 2 was a more mature version of Frozen. 

Frozen 1 was full of group adventures and giggles. While Frozen 2 was incredible with its humor, it was different in a sense where group adventures weren’t the center of the movie. At the beginning, they started off with the usual, a group of the characters together raising towards their mission, something many films like to do as it provides more entertainment value. However, afterward, the main characters each take on their own journey, showing immense growth and development throughout the movie. 

Like the original, the sequel was also able to educate their younger audience. 

Frozen 2 is a story of the past, the story of discovering the truth, the story of courage, the story of mature love, and most importantly, the story of independence. They are teaching the younger generation important life lessons. 

Despite the serious topics the film dealt with, they still manage to make the audience laugh. If anything, they took the humor to a whole new level. 

Olaf, as usual, was the source of positivity, encouragement, and of course, the source of laughter. Throughout the movie, Olaf displays a lot of characteristics that are very relatable to us, especially in his solo musical number in the film. 

The dream songwriting duo, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, returned from Frozen to create new songs for the sequel, including some new iconic numbers that will soon take over the world like how Let It Go did. 

With songs for Elsa, Anna and Olaf, this time, Kristoff got his very own solo number (other than Reindeers are Better Than People). If you have seen the film, you will know the amazing references the Frozen 2 team put together. 

On the note of references, they cleverly slid them throughout the movie, some for comedic purposes, some are metaphors for a greater purpose. 

There is only so much that can be covered without spoiling anything from the movie. The sequel is a must-see. Collegiettes, set aside your hesitation and go see the film this holiday season if you haven’t already. Keep your expectations low, so you can be blown away.