“The Fosters” Spinoff “Good Trouble” Lived Up to Its Expectations

Calling all fans of “The Fosters” and Noah Centineo, feast your eyes because “Good Trouble” is the show that you’ve been waiting for all along. Collegiates, let's be honest and admit that we’re all just a little nervous about adulting. If you’re looking for a relevant show to relate to, look no further because “Good Trouble” has got your back. Though the show premieres on the 8th of January, it was released early on the Freeform website. It follows the journey of Callie and Mariana Adams-Fosters as they navigate the world of post-graduation on their own. They move to Los Angeles and Callie decides to intern as a law clerk with a conservative judge while Mariana works as an engineer at a tech company.

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While I don’t want to give too many spoilers away, “Good Trouble” portrays adulthood in the most realistic way. The show begins with a rosy glow as the sisters look forward to a journey of excitement but as the show goes on, we learn that it isn’t going to be a smooth journey for them. What warmed my heart about the first episode was that the sisters always showed up for one another.  Though each one has their own unique obstacles to overcome, they vow to stay together and be there for each other.




"Good Trouble”  doesn’t stray far from “The Fosters”  in terms of social justice issues. Callie hopes to be a progressive influence on a conservative judge and Mariana navigates the tech world and has to deal with the sexism on being one of two females who work for the male-dominated company. The show also features an Asian lesbian and this is important because according to GLAAD’s most recent “Where We Are on TV” report, Asian/Pacific Islanders make up 8.5% of the LGBTQ regular and recurring characters on network, cable and streaming television. This is where the importance of representation comes in and the show once again wins at representing populations that are not shown enough. In addition to this, “Good Trouble” also features a bisexual male who is the love interest on one of the leads. The creators in the past have produced groundbreaking work on “The Fosters,” which was commended for being one of the few shows that portrayed a healthy relationship between a transgendered man and a cis woman. It was also commended for portraying a young adolescent who came to terms with his sexuality at an early age.

With Jennifer Lopez as one of the executive producers, “Good Trouble” is a relatable show about what adulthood is actually like. Young adults move away from home and try to discover themselves in a world of hardship and joy. We get to see Mariana and Callie create their second family, make new friends, face difficulties and show up for each other at the end of the day. And so I repeat again, If you’re anxious about #adulting, then this is the show for you!