Fighting Procrastination and Finding Your Motivation

It’s that time of the year again. The school year has started, students have flooded back to campus and it’s time to get down to business. For some of us, we’re well adjusted to the idea of time management. For others, not so much. Living by the ways of the procrastinator have taken over of our lives (looking at your, Netflix-bingers). Here are some ways to help you find your motivation and finally quit procrastinating.

1. Make a semester game plan

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Everyone gets a class syllabus mapping out the semester since it’s university policy. One helpful tip is to go ahead and mark off all test and homework days on your calendar or planner. Doing so allows you to know when assignments are due and how much time you’ll need for each. It also allows you to go in and plan for future events pertaining to clubs or other activities.

2. Why wait? Get it done.

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If you know you have an assignment due in the next 2 weeks, get it done early. Waiting until the last minute ensures you make mistakes and likely does not reflect your best quality of work.. Get it done early so you can relax later...or finish that Netflix series you started!

3. Stress free is the way to be

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Procrastinating is probably the number one way to keep you stressed. Stress is never good for anyone, especially during your college years. Keeping your body healthy is an important aspect of life. Going to the gym, signing up for a yoga class and getting work done early are some ways to relieve  stress.

4. Organizing your life

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Learning how to organize and time manage can help you out a lot with your everyday life in general. Once you start organizing and time managing, you’ll start to see a change in your work ethic and motivation level. More organization and less procrastination!

5. Find your inner motivation

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Everyone needs motivation to “push through the pain” that we call homework.Your motivation can be anything! Some possibilities include going out with friends, reading or even sleeping. Find something you love to do and make that your motivation. Be sure to schedule in some extra time for it!

Hope these tips motivate you to have a hardworking, zero procrastination semester!