Female Heroines’ in Avengers Infinity War


As you may already know, Marvel Infinity War comes out on April 27th. It’s the big battle that everyone has been dying to see. As we all know, a lot of heroes from different storylines will be coming together to fight Thanos. Yes, I’m super excited to see Black Panther grace the screen again…but my attention has been captured by the amount of strong female heroes (heroines) that will be fighting in this movie.

Here’s a review of some of the female heroes that you can expect to see in the movie:


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The women’s got Daddy issues because her Dad happens to be the villain they are fighting. Oh! The movie you may remember her from is Guardians of the Galaxy where she is a terrific crime fighting alien…who guards the galaxy with her friends. Her sister, previously a sorta kinda villain, is Nebula.


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We met her in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. She’s an empath, able to control the emotions of others. She’s the one with the two antennae on her forehead that move around weirdly.

Black Widow

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She’s been around since the beginning of the Avengers, first seen in Iron Man 2. A flexible killing machine. She and the Hulk are good friends. Right now, she’s MIA seeing as she left with Captain America after that whole Civil War situation.

Scarlet Witch

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I still haven’t personally forgiven her for that whole building situation…but she will be there. Her name pretty much explains her abilities. She’s a witch; kind of.

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Ahhhhh! She’s leader of T’Challa’s (Black Panther) military and just all around badass. We don’t know much about her yet except her awesome fighting skills and her loyalty towards Wakanda.


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She possesses genius that rivals Tony Stark’s and Bruce Banner’s. The technology she has created/come up with is impeccable and unrivaled with the help of vibranium. She is also a princess who knows how to actually defend herself without help from a man.

Be on the lookout for these fierce women when the new Marvel movie comes out for an all around empowering experience.