FCA’s Newest D6 Proxy for George Mason: Elena Dajero

Starting off the school year, it can always be a bit daunting to decide which clubs to join and where you will find your home away from home. However, for freshman Elena Dajero, she found an instant connection with the Filipino Cultural Association, also known as FCA, at George Mason. By joining the FCA community, she has already experienced the various events and traditions the club offers. Here, Elena will share her personal experiences, offer some background information, and provide helpful tips for any collegiettes who are interested in joining the FCA family!

Kathleen Dwyer (KD): So to start off, can you give us a general background of FCA?

Elena Dajero (ED): FCA is the Filipino Cultural Association, it was established in 1994 on the George Mason Campus. It began with a small group of friends who wished to celebrate the Filipino culture in an inclusive way that anyone and everyone could enjoy. With three pillars of Family, Culture and Diversity, the organization acknowledges our individuality and strives for a future of positive energy. It is one of the largest organizations on campus today and continues to grow as one big family.

KD: And as a freshman, what made you want to join FCA?

ED: I knew I wanted to join FCA because they are such a friendly organization of welcoming arms. Just a couple of days after moving in, I was already approached by a member who told me what the organization is about. From cultural dances to game nights, they do it all. No matter what is going on, you can find yourself talking to them as if you had known them your entire life. It was heart-warming to hear about the club because my desire to join was reassured and accepted. I have already met so many kind people who want to see me succeed in all of my endeavors as an FCA member and George Mason student.

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KD: So in FCA, what is your role and what are some of your responsibilities?

ED: I recently became the D6 proxy for GMU. D6 means District 6 which encompasses a large region of Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. As you know, FCA is big on family that we have families upon families. D6 works to bring students together from different universities to expand our friendships. As proxy, I am essentially shadowing the current D6 GMU representatives on their work and teamwork towards the larger organization. In the event of a representative being unable to attend, I will have the knowledge to take their place in representing GMU. Recently, I visited a D6 picnic three weeks ago, where I was able to meet other students from different universities and I knew I wanted to be a part of something larger than myself. In this role, I will work to communicate with the other schools and GMU students to help coordinate events that bring everyone together. I hope to assist our own GMU representatives in sharing that message to strengthen our bond.

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KD: Since your time in FCA, what has been the most interesting or educational experience you have experienced?

ED: I believe the most educational experience I have had was having the opportunity to sit in on a D6 meeting and observe how the different D6 representatives of the universities worked together to create events for both the district and individual schools. They created, communicated and collaborated together to pick the perfect dates, putting together fundraisers everyone could attend and helping others advertise their own special events. Although I did not give any input, it was rather interesting to just sit back and listen to how well they worked effectively to get the job done. The experience just further reassured me that I wanted to have a role such as this one.

KD: What are some helpful tips for anyone who wants to join FCA?

ED: My first and only tip would be going to the events! I know it can be frightening at times to go up to large groups, but they are very welcoming and will help you get to know everyone. I know it’s possible because that is exactly what I went through. You have the opportunity to learn so much from not only the cultural aspects of the club but also the members of the organization. They push you to be the best you can be in all ways. We have a Facebook page @GMUFCA and an Instagram page @GMUFCA where they keep you updated on all current and upcoming events. For D6, they also have an Instagram page @finddistrictvi.