Disney+ and a Magical Review

With the unveiling of Disney+, my childhood has now become accessible at my fingertips. The seemingly endless content Disney+ provides is overwhelming when I try to decide what to watch next. From classic movies like The Sound of Music to Disney Channel Original movies like Lemonade Mouth, Disney+ reaches all audiences. 

When I first subscribed to Disney+, the first challenge I met was to either purchase the monthly or yearly subscription. Anyone who knows me knows I love everything Disney; so, I ended up with the yearly subscription at $69.99 compared to the $6.99 monthly subscription. Disney+ also provides a bundled package of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99 a month. I thought these prices were extremely fair, especially with no ads and the content available.

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When I first opened Disney+, I was initially overwhelmed. Seeing all of the content choices I had was extremely daunting and I wanted to start watching everything at once. Given the abundance of TV, movies and shorts on Disney+, I was very impressed with the organization behind the streaming service. It does a great job narrowing down the lens of what the viewer wants to watch next by offering collection packages in the search window. These packages include popular Disney films and shorts through each decade, Disney Channel Original movies, the Star Wars franchise, Princess movies, National Geographic, The Muppets, and so much more. The home page also offers smaller categorizations that include movies that are musicals, inspired by true stories, out of the vault, and Disney Channel favorites. 

Specifically catered towards Disney+, there are a few original series and movies that are only available on this streaming service. This includes High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, the live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp, and The Imagineering Story. This allows viewers, including myself, to reminisce about the nostalgic childhood movies of the past and also experience new Disney productions. I started watching The Imagineering Story that details the history and creation of Disney parks and it provides an exclusive viewpoint that shows the work and dedication Imagineers invest in Disney parks.

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One critique I did have regarding the streaming service was the absence of a continue watching option. After starting a movie or show, I had to re-search it if I wanted to continue watching where I had previously left off. However, Disney+ recently added this element and it has been extremely helpful and convenient since its addition.=

Overall, I am very happy I subscribed to Disney+, both for the content and the organization of the service. I would definitely recommend this product and am excited to see what I watch next!


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