Clubs You’ve Never Heard About but Probably Should Have

Courtesy of Megan Adreance

Looking for ways to get involved on campus? There are plenty of unique organizations that you’ve probably never heard of. Nonetheless, they are worth checking out!

If You’re Looking to “Shake It Off”: DanceWorks

DanceWorks is a student run organization that focuses on lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, jazz and musical theater. All of the creativity flows through the team and everyone works together to choreograph. It is a very collaborative experience that allows for everyone to participate as both choreographer and dancer. There are both end of the semester showcases and annual competitions where the dances are performed. The showcases are free so anyone is also welcome to come out and see the dancers shine. While a background in dance is helpful, it is not necessary as long as you are passionate about dance and understand some basic moves. The auditions are going to be announced in March and if you become a part of the team the practices are 8-10 every Tuesday and Thursday night. For more information, contact their Vice President Megan Adreance at [email protected].            

Courtesy of Megan Adreance

If You’re Looking to Become More Cultured: Egyptian Student Union

Egyptian Student Union is an inclusive organization that promotes Egyptian culture within the Mason community. However, one does not need to be an Egyptian to join and come to events. Their former president, Lina Ali, started the club about 5 years ago in the hopes that she could share her culture with everyone. They host events throughout the semester that include, but are not limited to, Egyptian music, food and dances. This club is also just a great way for people to get to know each other and make connections. A goal of the club is to pair members up with alumni members to gain potential jobs and internships. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and more information!

If You Want to Try an Adventurous Sport: Women's Rugby

Anyone can play rugby. It doesn’t matter what size or how fast you are or if you have no previous knowledge of it because you’ll learn quickly. There are games every Saturday and social events afterwards with the other teams, so it’s also a great way to meet people and have fun. Teammate Corry Payne gushes, “I absolutely love rugby. It’s the greatest sport and I have the best teammates who are there for me on and off the field. There’s literally nothing like being on the field with 29 other women for the most intense 80 minutes of your life.”  

It’s not only a great way to blow off steam and stay in shape, but provides so many opportunities to to socialize between practice, games and team dinners. Other fun activities the rugby team hosts include pet-a-rugby puppy day around midterms and finals! There are also rugby watching parties coming up where they watch a game on campus with food provided where they can answer all rugby-related questions during and after the game.

Rugby practices are three days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday either outside from 5pm-7pm or in the field house from 7:30-9:30 pm during colder temperatures.  Check out their Facebook page: GMU Women’s Rugby.                                     Courtesy of Corey Payne

If You Have Healing Hands: United To Heal

Shipments of medical supplies have been sent to Syria, Rohingya and Chile among others because of United To Heal. The time commitment is flexible and anyone is welcome to join regardless of major. They mostly focus on impoverished areas that don’t have the same access to basic health care that we do. By sending medical supplies, prevention and treatment of illness can successfully occur. If you’re looking to make a difference in the world this is the place to go because all of the supplies sent are opportunities to save a life. It is also a great way to network for anyone that plans on entering the medical field and may need a study buddy for those pre-med classes! For more information you contact them through their Facebook page called United2Heal.

If You’re A Budding Political Activist: GMU Democrats

George Mason Democrats is a group that’s actively involved in both local and national politics. They meet once a week, every Tuesday night, to discuss issues and current events as well as hear from guest speakers. Most recently Ryan Sawyers, who is a candidate running for congress, came to speak to them. Their work also includes getting students registered to vote on campus, canvassing, sending texts and making phone calls for candidates that they have endorsed. Last semester they had a total of 2874.5 campaign hours completed by their members. It is also a great opportunity to find internships working for congressmen and women and overall gain more experience in politics for those interested in government!

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Make A Friend, Change a Life: Best Buddies

 Best Buddies is an international organization that aims to provide both financial and emotional support for those with intellectual and physical disabilities. It serves as an opportunity to volunteer as either an associate or peer member. An associate member is not actively hands on with a buddy but participates in events such as the Best Buddies Walk, Best Buddies Prom and focuses more on fundraising and raising awareness.

Peer members foster one on one friendships with their buddies through the program here at Mason, in addition to being active in all other activities. Members are also in charge of spearheading the “Spread the Word to end the Word Campaign” that raises awareness of the negative stigma surrounding the “R” word. For more information contact them through their Facebook page GMU Best Buddies!

Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder: Photography Club

The photography club officially meets once a month but members are constantly in contact through GroupMe. This allows them to collaborate and message each other when a member is going somewhere for a shoot so others can tag along. They also have more formal trips where they will travel together as a group with a planned theme to shoot. It is a fairly new club so it is still getting up and running which means you’d get a chance to help form what the club is like. Anyone is welcome as long as you have a passion for photography! It is a great creative outlet and opportunity to learn a skill you otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s also a great way to meet people and build your portfolio. For more information check out their Facebook group GMU Photography Club!

College is a time to explore new passions, Collegiettes! Step out of your comfort zone and find something that will help you grow!