Christmas Decorating On A Budget


My favorite time of the year has finally come around and that only means one thing: DECOR! If you are a Christmas fanatic like myself, then you understand this need to decorate for the holidays. However, if you are really anything like me, you may be extremely broke. I decorate for Christmas time every year on a budget and here is how.

One of the best ways to spend less money on decorations is Target’s beautiful and grand dollar section. Last year I was able to buy a small silver Christmas tree for only a dollar. I was then able to purchase ornaments as well as little fairy lights. I also took it upon myself to buy these cute little stockings for my roommate and I. We put them on our dorm room door and everyone loved them. Target’s dollar section is great for chic and cheap decor, so utilize it to its fullest.

The other day I went to Dollar Tree and they had an abundance of Christmas decor. It was amazing to look at and I almost walked out of the store beyond broke. The only thing that stopped me was my friend reminding me, I already had loads of decorations already. Everyone talks about Dollar Tree, but never really buys from there. I am here to tell you it is perfectly fine to buy anything from Dollar Tree, especially Christmas decorations. 

Another way to decorate on a budget is to DIY. Paper snowflakes are the best way to go in my opinion. I remember making so many of them when I was younger, and it brought me so much joy. Also, getting clear ornaments and glitter can be a fun time as well. You can do anything from Christmas mason jars to full-on door decorations. The DIY’s are endless and Pinterest holds home to them all. Not to mention DIY’s are great for bonding with friends or family. 

The last tip I have for you all is to use decorations form back home. Over the years, I am sure your parents collect new decorations and the old ones just sit in a closet collecting dust. TAKE THEM! Now that I am back home for Thanksgiving, I am definitely going to take our leftover Christmas decorations back to my dorm. This is great because I will not have to spend any money at all and my mom is more than happy to get rid of some decorations!

I hope these tips can help you guys have a Holly Jolly Christmas Time. Happy Holidays collegiettes!