ChaQuan Wilder, Author of 'Karla the Dog'

Name: ChaQuan Wilder

Job Title and Description: Author of Karla the Dog

College Name/Major: George Mason University, Administration of Justice and M.Ed with a concentration in English as a Second Language


Instagram Handle: @cqeducates

Twitter Handle: @cqeducates

What inspired you to write Karla the Dog?

ChaQuan Wilder: A class I took at George Mason University for my master’s program inspired me to begin the writing process. I began writing the Karla the Dog series because I realized that a lot of mainstream picture books read to preschool children had a comprehension level of third through fifth grade. The base of this series is to educate children and parents on how to have fun learning opportunities through reading stories. I developed six types of academic lessons within the text from numerical concepts to vocabulary, in hopes that families will go back and read the stories to see a different perspective of it. I also provide free videos of these stories and worksheets to go with them on my website. 

What is the biggest opportunity that Karla the Dog has given you?

CQW: This series has given me the opportunity to write for others, whether that’s as a ghostwriter or co-author. I’ve been doing literary events and going to festivals where I take Karla, sell her books, and allow people to meet her. I’ve had opportunities to go on the news. But the biggest opportunity these books have given me is the opportunity to give back. I’ve donated many books to our local libraries and libraries around the country. It’s given me a chance to support learners who can’t afford to buy books.

Where can people find Karla the Dog?

CQW: She has her own website! It’s They can also go to my website, It’s also available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Have you written any other books?

CQW: I’ve written The Knee-High Crew Embraces Health which is about three diverse girls who enjoy life together. I also co-authored a book about the late producer James Dewitt Yancey, or J. Dilla, called The Life Story of James DeWitt Yancey. I worked with his organization to write his early life story.

What’s next for you?

CQW: My ultimate goal is to get Karla the Dog turned into a cartoon series. I want to branch out into merchandise and clothing. I would also like to be able to continue to ghostwrite for others. I have a passion to help other people. I would love to help people get their stories out there without necessarily taking credit for it. I believe that God gave me a gift and I want to be able to use that gift for His will. I’ll keep doing what God wants me to do with it.

What advice would you give to the women of George Mason University?

CQW: George Mason University has inspired me to be the go-getter that I am. I love Mason and am very thankful for its community of equality and innovation. I encourage you to go back and support the organization that got you to where you are today. But also, you should be able to be of service to others when you can.