Can There Be Perks to Long-Distance Relationships?


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Long-distance relationships are without a doubt difficult. More often than not, these relationships tend to not work out. However, with trust, commitment and effective communication, the relationship can potentially thrive. There are possible perks to long-distance including that you both get closer, seeing one another is not taken for granted, you can focus and plan for the future, communication enhances and the relationship as a whole becomes stronger. While focusing on the positive, these relationships can withstand anything.

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1. You get closer

In long-distance relationships, couples tend to get closer. Although being in close proximity of one another is great, there are a lot of distractions preventing the couple from learning more about each other. More time is spent on communicating and getting to know one another better in long-distance. Therefore, couples tend to learn more about each other’s personalities, likes, dislikes, fears, aspirations, hopes for the future, etc. This, in turn, can lead to a stronger relationship.Via Pexels

2. Seeing each other is all the more special

Being apart for so long teaches couples to cherish the limited time they have to spend together. Once finally reunited, couples in these relationships are able to focus more on each other, be more attentive and remain less distracted. A lot of time is spent on enjoying your significant other’s presence and company. Additionally, in preparation of seeing one another, you are also allowed the flexibility to plan more activities to do. The days and weeks leading up to seeing each other can be a very exciting time making the distance a bit more tolerable and less painful.Via Pinterest

3. Plan for the future

With all the time couples in long-distance relationships have to talk about everything, they are granted with more time to plan for the future. Whether planning for the future consists of putting together fun things to do when you meet or discussing the future of the relationship. Essentially, you are able to strategically map out certain milestones and goals you hope to achieve in the relationship. As aforementioned, this brings excitement into the relationship and allows couples to stay hopeful and excited for what is to come. Also, this healthy communication ensures that you are on the same page in terms of what you want out of the relationship. Being able to have these conversations and letting your significant other know what you want helps build and strengthen the relationship.Via Giphy

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4. Effective communication

As most of the above perks have indicated, effective and strong communication is a huge benefit that comes along with long-distance relationships. Couples are able to establish a routine and schedule of when they communicate. Examples include FaceTiming before bed or texting throughout the day. Without effective communication, any relationship, regardless of whether it is long-distance or not, will have problems, if not fail completely. However, specifically for long-distance relationships, effective communication is the key to survival. As also previously mentioned, couples have more time to communicate. This allows couples to become more comfortable and open with one another thus leading to a healthier and happier relationship. Having that comfort of talking to your significant other when issues arise can lead to a stronger bond.Via The Cline Chronicles

5. Strengthens the relationship

As the saying goes, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” If your relationship is able to withstand the hardships and struggles that come along with long-distance, then you can most likely get through anything together. Priorities change, you have a lot more trust in one another, and the value you place on each other’s company skyrockets. The relationship becomes stronger and more tolerant. The above perks such as getting closer and having more efficient communication essentially leads to a stronger relationship as well. Therefore, although long-distance can be harmful to your relationship, staying emotionally close to one another can strengthen the quality and strength of the relationship. Overall, long-distance can be regarded as a test of your relationship and what doesn’t kill it makes it stronger.

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To conclude, there can be a bright side to long-distance relationships. Of course it is difficult and without sufficient trust and communication, it most likely will not work out. However, making compromises and staying emotionally close to your significant other can lead to possible perks that will keep your relationship strong and healthy.