The Best Christmas Songs To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

It’s the best time of the year again and with finals coming up, it’s kind of hard to get into the Christmas spirit. As Buddy from “Elf” says, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” So when you’re studying for finals, put on some Christmas jams and get festive Here are some songs to start off with!

1. Anything Mariah Carey.

Even though Mariah Carey is now known for lip-syncing and her cracking voice, her beautiful Christmas music lives on. Who doesn’t like trying to hit those high notes in the shower? Just put it on and try to resist.

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2. Nat Cole, Sinatra, and Burl Ives!

If you want some beautifully sang classics, these three men bring it home. Along with other similar singers, this is the way to go in terms of classics. Get some hot coffee or hot coco and relax with them playing for the background. Very good for finals season and a festive coffee house-vibe.

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3. Pentatonix? Pentatonix.

If you’re looking to listen to something more spunky and modern, Pentatonix is perfect for you! A lot of Christmas songs get remade the same way, but Pentatonix remakes these songs in such a unique and exciting way.

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4. Michael Bublé or Harry Connick Jr.

Whether you listen to Michael Bublé or Harry Connick Jr., you will instantly love both. Personally, Harry Connick Jr. is better. Either way, these two bring their own signature sounds and make the music so enjoyable!

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5. The real reason for the season

Whether you are or are not religious, gospel Christmas music is simply the best. Every time it comes on the radio, you can’t  help but sing along to it. Add it on to your playlist and it’ll be sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

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No matter what you decide to listen to, “sing it loud for all to hear!”