All The Thanksgiving Feels (As Told By New Girl)

It's the most wonderful time of the year, almost. For as long as time, Thanksgiving has been the beloved predecessor of Christmas and New Years; it's what finally gives the flag of approval for all things warm and holiday themed. Cold outside and warm inside, this stuffed holiday sends us on a rollercoaster of emotions and inner thoughts.

Your mom insists everyone color coordinate their outfits so that you can all look great in the totally unposed, super candid photos that will be taken later. 

Though you'll probably roll your eyes at the very thought, you secretly like any opportunity to outdress your relatives.

Typically, we can't even make it to the couch to catch a glimpse of the football game before someone hits us with the trifecta of questions.

"How's school?" "Are you dating anyone?" "What's your major again?" To avoid further whiplash, these should be answered briefly in the perfect tone that makes you sound both content and confident.

When the adults leave you to entertain all of your younger siblings and cousins, your first thought is "Okay, this should be easy and mildly enjoyable." 

But as the seconds drag on you realize that you are way too sophisticated for this. Here's to another year of being old enough to vote but too young to sit at the adult table.

Or perhaps you've finally graduated to the adult realm of political talk and old stories from the wonder years. 

It's nice, it's refreshing, it's great - until it's your turn to chime in on something. The following comments could make or break you. You've been waiting the better half of your life to finally drop some knowledge.

Unfortunately, partaking in family holidays centered around food means you'll more than likely be held responsible for atleast one dish. 

After all these years of chowing down,  you've definitely picked up a recipe or two, right?  

You've done the small talk, you've gone through all the finger foods and it's finally time to get down to business. 

But not really. Something is going to happen, it's a given. Mom is going to say "Wait, there's still one more thing in the oven we're waiting for." Or you'll have to wait for everyone to wash their hands one by one. Or even better, let's go around the table and say what we're thankful for!

They've made you impatient, uncomfortable, and somehow fuller on homecooked food than you've ever been. 

Overall, we're all thankful in some weird way for our relatively interesting family gatherings. If you had to explain them to someone else, they probably wouldn't understand, but of course with family you never really have to.

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