9 Childhood Cartoons That Got It Right

 I know I'm not the only college student that finds old episodes of cartoons online and spends an entire Sunday night watching them in the privacy of my dorm. Other than reviving the inner child, these childhood classics serve a far greater purpose that we may just now be picking up on. The creators of our favorite shows dropped some hardcore knowledge in subtle elementary dialog that would be relatable for decades to come. This is for all the times our parents told us not to sit too close to the TV set. 

We've heard this a million times in a million different ways. The grass is always greener on the other side. You always want what you can't have. Angelica said it best it in the straight forward way that only she can.

This, while self explanatory, proves to hold true time and time again in all kinds of situations. Things may take us by surprise or it could just be harder than usual to express our thoughts and feelings. The real advice is it is okay to not know what to say or to not say anything for that matter. As cliche as it may sound, sometimes being there is enough.

Whether intentionally or not we've all stuck our toes in the water. Some of us strongly swore against the fashion-turned-lifestyle don't, and some of us tried the style out as a joke, but who are we kidding? Debbie Thornberry predicted this trend before we could even grow our bangs over our eyes.

We can all agree that more often than not Uncle Tito's "ancient Hawaiian sayings" went right over our heads. However, this reminder to stay in control of your life is something we could all paint on a canvas to hang over our bed in our dorm room. Very inspirational, you're definitely not a Shoobie for this one Uncle Tito.
Courtney Gripling was the girl we loved to hate and hated to love. The rich girl had her own ballroom sized room and would never settle for a roommate in a college sized dorm. Don't even mention a forced triple, as if.
We are just now learning about the ins and outs of this world that Tommy and his crew explored long ago. In short, we create worry out of things that haven't even happened yet. In college it is especially important to remember not to live in fear or paranoia of what is to come. Don't be anxious for the future, be at peace in the present.
Friends come and go, there's no doubt about it. But in true life long friendships forgiveness is second nature. Misunderstandings are just that - misunderstandings, and no one truly understands you at the end of the day quite like your day one BFF. Don't be stingy with second chances. After all who else is going consistently go out in public with you with your hair sticking up?
Maybe you used your roommates bath towel or you broke your mom's vase. Cover your tracks. When you make a mistake, fix it completely and leave no room for it to be revisited. All joking aside, many times you find yourself doing your best to take initiative to fix a situation only to find you've missed a step. 
"Things never turn out like they do in the movies," Chuckie said and what a timeless lesson he learned. As unfortunate as this fact may be it makes life more unique. If we got everything we wanted all the time what would be the mystery, adventure and excitement in that? And I think Chuckie, himself, would agree sometimes life turns out even better than anything a movie could portray. 
And A Bonus: To Round Up to 10 and just for laughs
Oh, don't we all, Stinky.
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