8 Signs You're a College Senior

These past three years really have flown by. It's as if the class of 2017 moved into their college residence halls just a few days ago. Whether or not we want to face it, the time has finally come for the class of 2017 — senior year. 

If this is your senior year of college, you probably have a whole lot of feels going on. Here are eight signs you're a college senior.

1. Waking up is the struggle

And it's even worse than it was freshman, sophomore, or junior year.

2. You'd rather spend your nights partying than studying

3. Actually, you'd rather do anything than study 

Cleaning, doing laundry, and grocery shopping > studying

4. You're constantly looking to revamp your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

5. You spend your spare time looking and applying to jobs 

6. And if you're not searching for jobs, then you're looking at grad schools 

7. You suddenly find yourself trying to hang out with all your college friends at once because you're all going separate ways in a few months

8. You constntly reminisce on the past three years and wish you could do it all over again

Or at least stay a little longer.


Images courtesy of Giphy and George Mason University