7 Ways to Celebrate Your 21st If You Hate Clubbing

My 21st birthday is quickly approaching and I’m often asked how I plan on celebrating. Obviously, D.C. has tons of bars and clubs to visit but that just really isn’t my scene. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate the big 2-1 if clubs and bars aren’t your thing. 

1. Visit a winery

Become a sommelier for the day by touring a few local wineries and learning about tannins, legs and all of those other fancy wine terms. Find out what you actually like in a wine instead of just grabbing the first bottle of rosé you see at the grocery store. Grab some friends (who are of legal age of course) or a family member, get some cute pictures for Insta and enjoy a day outside drinking! 

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2. Play games and get mixed drinks and Dave & Buster’s

Along with your basic beer, D&B’s has a variety of original cocktails such as snow cones, hard lemonades and frosé! Spend the evening sipping on cocktails and challenging your friends to a round of air hockey. 

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3. Tacos and margs

If your birthday falls on a weekday like mine does, keep things more casual and grab some dinner at your favorite Mexican restaurant! Treat yourself to your favorite flavor margarita and some tacos. Just try to keep yourself from going to class hungover the next morning. 

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4. Boozy Brunch

Grab your girls and head to one of the many brunch spots in D.C. (you can find a few bottomless brunch spots here)! Afterward, you can spend the day exploring all that D.C. has to offer from museums to boutiques and more, you can find something that everyone in your group will enjoy!

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5. Brewery tour 

If you’re a fan of beer, spend the day exploring the central Virginia area, surrounded by the mountains as you spend the day sipping on local brews. My mom was the designated driver for my family while everyone else drank but even she had a great time since there were nachos involved. You can find out more information about the tour here

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6. Visit a cidery 

If you’re interested in getting out of NOVA for the day, Carter Mountain is another great option located in the central Virginia area! Check out their Thursday Sunset Series and taste all of the hard cider flavors that Bold Rock has to offer! This event is also open to all ages so you can invite any of your friends! You can find out more information here!

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7. Stay in

None of these sound like your kind of thing? No problem! Go grab a bottle of wine, call your besties and spend the day at home having a movie marathon and enjoying each other’s company. 

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No matter how you chose to celebrate your 21st, stay safe and have fun, collegiettes!