7 Things People with Chronic Migraines Always Hear

Between final exam stress and the pressure from quickly approaching holidays, it’s prime conditions for the development of a migraine. What does that mean? Dizzy spells, tiredness, auras, frustration and a pounding head. There’s a lot of misconceptions about migraines.

Here’s some common things people with chronic migraines are use to hearing:

1. “Here, take some Advil.”

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Many migraine-sufferers have heavy duty prescription medication or injections to help ease the pain. Over the counter medication doesn’t always work, but I appreciate you looking out for me.

2. “It’s been two days. Headaches don’t last that long.”

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Actually tension headaches can last a day or two. Migraine episodes can last about a week without any intervention or medication.

3. “Aren’t you being a bit over-dramatic?”

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No. I promise you, I’m not. Migraines are scary. I personally get vertigo a few hours before one sets in. It’s like my little warning signal. I struggle to eat and be anywhere with fluorescent lighting or loud noises. I also get a haze, more commonly known as an aura, around figures during some migraines. Everyone diagnosed has different combinations of side effects.

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4.  “You ALWAYS cancel on us.”

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Life goes on when a migraine sets in and it’s frustrating.Trust me, I’m canceling for a good reason.

5. “You’re just stressed.”

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This one is pretty accurate. Stress, along with other emotional triggers and alcohol use are just some of the things that lead to the onset of a migraine.

6. “Yea, I get migraines all the time.”

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I’m not sure if what you actually have is a migraine, but if you’re getting them that frequently I recommend scheduling an appointment with your doctor.

7.  “Aren’t they the same thing?”

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I actually don’t mind hearing this one. Headaches and migraines are two entirely different things, although people do use them interchangeably. Migraines are far more severe than headaches.

Remember to take care of yourself during finals season, collegietes!