7 Signs You’re Basic and Proud of It

Admit it, we’ve all heard it -- probably even been called it -- at some point, and it’s almost never a good thing. Since it rose to prevalence in 2014, being basic has become equivalent to being boring or even just a bitch. However, we’re here to say that this isn’t just false, it’s actually harmful. There’s nothing wrong with getting behind a popular trend, that’s why they’re popular in the first place! We’ve all got a few basic traits in us, and we’re here to scream it from the rooftops.

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1. There might as well be only two seasons: pumpkin spice season and the dark times.

Pumpkin spice products have quite the reputation for being the de facto flavor of the basic girls, but we’re happy to have it anyway. From the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks to the more off the wall variations, like Cheerios or Peeps. Regardless of what our favorite coffee order is the rest of the year, we can’t help but have a soft spot for at least one PSL a year — and honestly any other way we can get our hands on the flavor before the end of November.

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2. White Converse are your go-to shoe, no matter what time of year.

The only thing better than comfort and versatility in a shoe is if they’re a little trendy too, and our staple white Converse definitely fit the bill — even if they’re not exactly white anymore. Whether you’re more of a high-tops or a low-tops kind of girl, we’re definitely into it. Can you really argue with a shoe that works just as well with shorts or a romper as it does with jeans? We definitely won’t, and we’re always down for sharing tips on how to keep them as clean and fresh as we hoped they’d stay forever.

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3. There’s at least one picture of a sunset on your Instagram.

Sometimes posting pictures of you and your friends gets old, and it’s not like we don’t all constantly snap a few nature shots this time of year every time we venture out of the library, so why not share them? Apparently, no one else is as into amateur *artsy* photography as we are, but that’s just fine. We know life is better when you get the perfect shot on your iPhone camera and get to pat yourself on the back for basically being a professional photographer at this point.

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5. You might have a soft spot for yoga pants and leggings.

We’ve all moved on from the endless “are leggings pants?” debate, and you really should too. We might love a good pair of ripped jeans every once in a while, but it’s hard to beat the comfort of cotton, stretchy leggings when we’re barely dragging ourselves to that dreaded 9 a.m. class. It’s time for everyone to embrace the beauty of stretchy pants and finally find true love.

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6. You’ll never stop watching ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ or ‘The Office’ reruns -- no matter how many times you’ve seen them all.

Can you ever really watch these too many times? (Obviously not) Everyone around us might be over it after the third or fourth run through of the same episodes, but they’re just not as dedicated of fans as we are, clearly. We definitely aren’t over Ross’s rants about his sandwich (“You-you-you-you threw my sandwich away. MY sandwich? MY SANDWICH?”) or Jim’s all too relatable exacerbation with his co-worker’s antics.

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7. The thought of sweater weather gets you excited.

Anyone who has anything bad to say about oversized sweaters and hoodies can catch these hands because they’re honestly all that gets us through fall and winter. The moment when you and the *perfect* chunky, cozy sweater find each other is priceless, and finding your favorite way to style your new go-to fashion piece is even better. There’s nothing quite like the first day where you get up and you check the weather and it’s cold enough to throw on your favorite sweater and not regret it once it’s 4 o’clock and we’re just trying not to melt, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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We’re over the girl-on-girl crime perpetrated by the negative connotation behind being “basic,” and we’re picking up our PSL’s, throwing on our oversized sweaters and owning our inner basic girl. Get basic this fall, collegiates.