7 Purse or Backpack Essentials, But Make it COVID-Friendly!

The global pandemic has made us spend much more time at home than we ever thought possible. However, we must leave our humble abodes at one point. Whether it is going to class, grocery shopping, or simply picking up some takeout food, you probably are carrying a backpack or purse. Here are some of the essentials that I like to bring with me in my purse:

1. The obvious: hand sanitizer and wipes

To ensure the safety of yourself and others, hand sanitizer and wipes are a must. The CDC has mentioned this, and so have most online articles about the pandemic. Sanitizer is great for disinfecting your hands before and after entering a building. I find wipes really useful to have to wipe tables and chairs, my grocery cart, etc! Make sure you throw these in your bag before leaving. I like having a mini version so that it doesn’t take up too much space.  

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

2. A trendy mask 

Masks have become the new accessory in town. You have to wear them anyway, so might as well have fun with them! I like having a variety of cloth masks so I can match them with my outfit of the day! I also try to have 2-3 in my bag in case a friend needs it or I accidentally lose mine! 

Original Illustration Created in Canva for Her Campus Media

3. Sustainable silverware

Restaurants have slowly started opening back up, which means the dining experience is coming back! However, we can’t forget that we are still in a pandemic! I found these sustainable cutlery sets that you can just toss in your purse. This way you can avoid using the restaurant’s silverware if that makes you uncomfortable. It is also great for a snack on the go! 

silver utensils in drawer Jarek Ceborski/Unsplash

4. Lip balm

If you loved wearing lipstick, the mask life is not easy for you. Wearing lipstick feels kind of useless at this point since it always rubs off on your mask anyways. However, that doesn’t mean your lips deserve to be ignored! This is the perfect time to invest in lip balms and explore what you like best. You can moisturize and not worry about it rubbing off! 

woman putting lip balm on Burst/Pexels

5. Mascara

The mask covers the majority of our faces besides our eyes. So, might as well make them look good! I find that mascara always does the trick. Even if I don’t have any makeup on my face, if I put on mascara and my mask, I just feel better and others probably believe I am more put together than I actually am!

woman putting on mascara Photo by Trevor Buntin from Unsplash

6. A spray disinfectant

If you’re someone that doesn’t like to have liquid sanitizer or like to be extra careful, a spray disinfectant can be a great addition to your purse/backpack. You could use this spray on your phone, laptop, etc! I found a cute one here!

a bottle of clorox, hand sanitizers and a container of lysol wipes sit on a wooden table Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

7. A pen

If you need to sign something at the store or need it for a doctor's appointment, the last thing you want to worry about is using a used pen by a stranger! Having a pen on hand is always important, but even more now during a pandemic. 

person writing in notebook on a brown wooden table Photo by Green Chameleon from Unsplash Stay safe, collegiates!