7 Jonathan Van Ness Quotes You Need In Your Life

In case you didn’t know, Jonathan Van Ness (aka JVN) is a member of the Fab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye, a hair extraordinaire and an ice skating gawdess. When you’re not busy crying during the Fab Five’s heart-wrenching transformation of the “heroes,” you can catch some of his most iconic and inspirational quotes. So read this list and then get out there and live the shamazing life you deserve to have!

1. "You can't selectively numb feelings. So, if you try to numb the vulnerability, you also numb joy, happiness, connection."

Don’t be afraid to be in touch with your emotions, all of them, henny. Accept vulnerability and see how you can grow from it, rather than trying to block it out.

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2. "It wasn't an option for me to be closeted or to keep it to myself. Sky's blue, grass is green. Can't fight it."

You are who you are, so why even try to deny it? It’s way more fun to live your truth.

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3. "When people say, 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks,' it's not true, because you can reinvent yourself and learn new things whenever you want."

Get out there and try something new and don’t ever let other people tell you that you can’t, queen.  

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4. "How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you. It's OK to have a relationship with yourself."

Self-love isn’t selfish. Don’t ever forget that.

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5. "You’re strong, you’re a Kelly Clarkson song, you got this."


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6. “Whenever I find it hard to concentrate, I come up with a reward system. Like for every 30 minutes of work that I do, I get a cookie.”

There’s no right way to motivate yourself, but there definitely is a fun way. Food always works.  

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7. “I don’t do negativity. It’s not on-brand for me.”

Negativity is sooo last season, so why waste so much time on it? Choose instead to be relentlessly positive.

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Be the JVN of whatever you do, collegiettes!